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Adjustable Symmetry Pivot tool


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Hi to All,

I don't know if this has been talked about before but I would like to see a tool ,like the transform tool, for the symmetry of objects.

Just being limited to moving the pivot point with the TAB key is harder to work with if the pivot point orientation is something other than 90.

Being able to manually manipulate the position/orientation of a new pivot point would be great.

If 3DC already has this feature, can someone point it out to me?

Thanks to all those who have contributed some great video tutorials.


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I've put this request in - No luck on it though, so it's really great to see another person requesting this. Methinks I should publish my feature requests in the public section instead of via email so that people can back them up. :)

Anyway, it's not in right now but definitely having more control (with a gizmo and numerical input) over the symmetry plane is a HUGE must.

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There is a rough work-around in the voxel room.

You have to "Clone space density", transform cloned layer (which transforms the symmetry plane), merge original layer to cloned layer.

But a symmetry transform tool would be much nicer. :)

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