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Maps from hi-poly to mid/low-poly meshes??


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Hi again,

I'm trying to figure out good workflow for transferring all maps (morphs, weight maps, and UV maps and vertex color maps maybe) from a hi-poly res model to a low or mid-poly res one.

I noticed AbnRanger's post which mentioned using the Texture baking tool, which was very useful :) and I've tried that a few times and eventually got it working somewhat (on a test simple object - have yet to try it on my characters). But how can I get morphs and weight maps across to them? I work with LightWave and have tried the Weighter2 plugin, but since it is a script it is very slow with large poly characters (I think it might take over an hour to transfer some maps and I'm not even sure if they will be ok - it's hard to experiment when my models are so big that it slows it down).

Any ideas on how to achieve this in 3DCoat? Is it possible, and if not, is it on any feature wish list?

thanks :)

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If you can get those maps to be different diffuse layers then I would just export them one at a time as that.

Hi Gilded,

Can you please elaborate on that? How exactly do I transfer the map from the hi-res poly model to the low-res manually retopoed separate model? They have roughly the same shape and position, but one is like 70,000 polys and the other is 5,000.

And can I do this for morphs, weights, and vertex color maps and UVs?

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