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Hi again,

Hopefully everyone hasn't sickened of my newbie questions as I finally dig into 3DCoat here. It's been a long time coming and overall I love it - such a cool app with many features. And despite me being unfamiliar with things in the interface, it is light years beyond other weird/proprietary interfaces like Zbrush - at least for me. So I want to make sure, that my questions don't sound like complaints.

Anyway, my attached images should explain my question better than me, but I will try:

I'm trying AbnRanger's technique mentioned in another post to try and transfer UVs from similarly shaped models to lower res models with different UV maps. I tested that with a simple rounded rectangle box with hand painted textures on one UV, and then was able to transfer it to another box of a different mesh with differnt 3DCoat created UVs. Now I'm trying this with my 2 characters, and when I load my high res character from LW into 3DCoat, it doesn't look the same as in LW, it only uses one image for overlapping UVs which are all in the same UV map.

How do I get 3DC to use both images for the 2 different UV maps (which are actually the same map, but separated as 2 surfaces in LW which is why it works there) into 3DC so that I can subsequently bake the Textures to the new UV mapped Low-res model of the same figure I have?

If you see the LW attachment you can see the one UV map with overlapping sets but 2 textures loaded as 2 surface - one for the head and one for the body. You can then see in 3DC only the one texture applied to both head and body with no surface distinction.

I am sure this is my user error, but I've searched and done tutorials but can't find the answer.

post-2650-0-52822800-1298898506_thumb.jp post-2650-0-30798000-1298898524_thumb.jp post-2650-0-71394500-1298898540_thumb.jp

Thanks again for any help :)

P.S. images are pixelated to show respect for Andrew's wishes, in the unlikely event someone thinks this is lewd - if so I can assure you I've modelled (demure ;) ) clothing, but it is a separate mesh so I can use it for cloth fx.

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