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lost ptex data after reopening a file

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I have a very bad problem at the very bad time. I worked on a model in 3d-coat, using Ptex. I imported an obj file for Ptex, done the texutres (color, bump, etc.). Today at some moment I saved and closed the file and a little later I opened it again to continue working. But my work was no more there, instead the model looks teared, like some parts of the texture are missing. The "ptex local resolution" button is gone too, which leads me to think that 3d-coat no longer treats this file as a model with Ptex textures.

It is very important for me to recover this file, so please help.

I am using the 64 bit non-cuda, linux version 3.5.05

Edit: When importing the original obj file for Ptex I chose 4096 x 4096 px. texure and 17 million polygons. Now, when I open the file I see that 3d-coat has divided the object into 4 new UV sets (PtexPlane 0 through 3), which is O.K. I suppose, because I have locally increased the resolution of ptex. But it has dropped the resolutions of all textures and uv sets to 2048 x 2048, which is not normal and not something that I expect to happen. Now if I try to use the "edit mesh and texture resolution" dialog I see that the resolution of the mesh (actually 4 meshes yet) has dropped too - all four are about 6 millions and not 17 which I was requested in the beginning. If I try and increase the resolution again to 4096 x 4096 even for just one part of the mesh - say PtexPlane0 3d-coat endlessly eats 100 % of my CPU power and is unusable - the cursor follows the mouse with great lag, the object is unmovable - it hangs. Just once I managed to get to the texture baking tool and then the program crashed. But in the meantime the texture looked like it has being restored. Sadly I couldn't get it out of 3d-coat and rescue it.

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