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Nooooooooo , he was good .

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Even if Raul no longer works, he still may update tools. If there will be clear feedback what to do - I will send request, and he will finish what feels unfinished.

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On 9/6/2012 at 9:06 PM, polyxo said:

Just look at how universally Zbrush has hooked that tool up. Its implementation of masking and of hiding is a dream, really.

3DCoat instead has many "locked into tool" or differing from workspace to workspace-implementations of the comparable functions.

Sorry if I bring up this old topic.
I wanted to ask if this feature is planned in the near future in 3DCoat. This key combination for hiding/masking (I believe only has Zbrush) ctrl / shift / alt + mouse or pen ... is extremely comfortable and fluid in modeling once learned, is useful for quickly creating shapes to extrude and could also be useful in vox-hide combination. Please do not underestimate this simple key combination... it is not about copying Zbrush, but about taking the shortest and smartest way to make an operation convenient and quick for the modeler. Thank you.

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