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DB is a common word for database. You may thing about people that use Google to search a production. With 3DB maybe they'll have more answers related to database systems than brush painting..? Also currently a search in Google with 3DB give us a lot of answers... Maybe that's why sometimes companies use original names to have an easy search?

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Thank you for comment, you are right, if there is some "subtext" it is not good. I think the best for now is


I have idea about logo:


It is of cause prototype (done and rendered in 3DB)

I think this image is great! How about 3d bounce tho, 3d Blob or even <shudder> 3d Boogie/3d Bogey :)

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Hi Andrew, 3D Bi, well it looks and sounds like part of the word got cut off and as one stated above the Letters (Bi) is slang in america for some who like both sexes if ya know what I mean.

Here are few suggestion from my son,a graphic designer,. Yikes not 3D Blob, We are artist not Blobbers, LOL

FinalCoat 3D


I like those quite abit. Final coat is a term for applying the last application of a product[like paint or molding] to a surface.Those words describes your application very well and matches your paint covering the ball logo.I can't remember if this name has been suggested but here it is again if so.

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Well, I tried to stay out of it, but couldn't help myself. :wacko:


3D PolyClay

PolyClay 3D


3D PolyPaint

PolyPaint 3D


3D PolySculpt

PolySculpt 3D


3D PolyCast

PolyCast 3D

PixMod (as in Pixel Model)

3D PixMod

PixMod 3D


3D PolyForm

PolyForm 3D


3D PixelShape

PixelShape 3D


3D PixelClay

PixelClay 3D

Argil (means clay or matierial for making pottery)

3D Argil

Argil 3D

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:D FinalTouch


BTW, i notice there's not alot of work going into the software while this whole naming thing is going on. this must be the longest we've gone without an update in quite a while now!

just call it OverCoat and get back to programming. LOL

make a logo with a nice overcoat, wireframe at the top, shaded in the center, then dripping with multicolored ink at the bottom like a wet raincoat; this would show the evolution of the 3D process with your software finishing the whole process :D

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Hi Andrew, All these names,your head must be spinning in circles. LOL. I know throw them in a hat and then cast "Lots" for the name , like in Ancient times. Seriously, 3D Easel is not bad or get some of your friends together and show them the names and don't leave till ya pick one.

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Hey Andrew

I am new to this forum and also American. Just to let you know that the name 3d coat is just fine, in fact I had read about this product in the

LW NewTek forum.

I think most of your customers will find out about it by word of mouth just as have I. It is very easy to learn and yet very powerful tool for all levels

of expertise.

I am using the demo at the moment but leaning towards buying this app. ;)

Thank You For A WONDERFUL Product

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Andrew, what you thinking about this name: Chameleon Its also can be Chameleon 3D ... I dont know why, but i like this name very much. Also i think its presents what software can do, its not sounds cheap (to me anyway). I already can see cute green chameleon sitting on the ball from 3db logo. Also, i modeled chameleon a few monthes before, i could texture paint it in 3db and composit with your logo B)

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