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Hi my name´s Iván indie Developer


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HI my name´s Iván from Spain, I´m 3D modeller and now indie game Developer, I´m working usually whit 3Ds Max , Cinema 4D, Silo, and another post-producction Soft, like After FX, and Phostoshop.

I look 3D Coat from a while, and I love it, I donwload the free tryout, and I thinking to buy the Educational license... I try another soft like Zbrush and MudBox, but I think I´m more accomodate whit 3D Coat...

I hope lear a great amount in the forum, and help in the possibilities a I can help another people...

Kinds Regards,

Iván J.

PS: Sorry for my English, but sometimes not it´s enough for expressed correctly, sorry in advance for this disturb.

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Welcome Iván :)


Thanks for your wellcoming!!!, in my free time, I have to take a look, more deeply to 3D coat, but whit the new Applink plugin, it´s very very useful, whit the great 3D suites...

I hope help in somthing in the forum...

Kinds Regards, and thanks again for the Wellcoming...

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