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Hi all

There is Lightness, there is extra light, there is add light and...


... there is this bar: Navigation Panel


It have this options

Adjust light ambient.

Adjust light brightness.

Move light.


Every time i am using render panel cant understand which is the connection in between lightness, extra light, add light, light ambient and light brightness...

the render result is very very good, but i am lost moving parameters without a good comprehension about what i am changing.

Any help is welcome !! :)

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Those first three icons are basically brightness, contrast, and light position. Use them in the other rooms to get your mesh+shader looking good. The first two do have an affect on your mesh when it's in the render room (the third one doesn't), but if your happy with the way they're set when viewing your mesh in the other rooms, you should probably just leave them alone when in the render room. I do anyways.

The Params in the render room are what you want to use for tweaking the final look of the actual render. Lightness is basically brightness. AO and DOF are self explanatory (hover over them for hints). Rotation angle (which orbits horizontally) and Light height (vertical movement of the light from top to bottom) both control where the light is positioned in 3d space. The light will always target your mesh.

Light scattering is pretty much GI (global illumination) and does exactly what the name suggests, ie scatters the light rays bouncing off of your mesh. Turning it up will make shadows lighter, more diffused. Turning it down will make shadows harsher, more contrasty.

Color is the color of the light. It too can affect brightness so use it together with the lightness value for proper exposure when rendering. Intensity I'm not sure about. It didn't really do anything the last time I played with it, so I just leave it at.

The Add Light button allows you to add additional lights to the scene. For example you could have a primary light plus a second light that acts as a fill light for shadows (though turning up light scattering can also have this effect). Use the Realtime render option to preview your changes as you make them for a more accurate preview (if you get overlapping images, move the mesh a bit to refresh the window).

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The INTENSITY works if you have 2 or more light sources. It is the relation of their intensity to each other. Its range is from 0 to 1. Let's say you want your fill light (second one) to have 1/2 of the main light's power - then set it to 0.5, and main light to 1.

That's it :)

P.S. Very NICE work on a model!!!

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Back again sorry :D

I found a very interesting approach today... ^_^

Please any adds/comment are always welcome

Was used for this test:
Shader = Cook-Torrance
AO = 0
Ligh Scattering = 0.5


Upper light icons in render room:

1 - Adjust the ambient intensity just change the... well... the overall ambient light

For display preview

Adjust primary light intensity = 10, dont show any Ambient light changes

You need to have this #value > 10 to see the ambient changes

For Real Time preview

Lightness must be > 0 to see ambient light/difusse light

dont matter lights intensity... Lightness is the master output light value

2 - Adjust primary light intensity adjust the HOTSPOT intensity, the bright circle in the center is the hotspot.

The outer extremity of the light, where it meets the darkness -or where the ambient light influence begins- is the falloff and is controled by the LIGHTNESS.

The difference in circumference between the hotspot and the falloff determines the relative sharpness of the pool of light.

For example, put LIGHTNESS = 300, and Adjust primary light intensity from 10 to 200 to see the difference in sharpness.

3 - Adjust the light angle has not action in this room, is used for Display Preview.

At Render Room Adjust the light angle its override with Rotation Angle and Light height

This overraid is valid for any Environment Sphere map selected in your View port Preferences, and is showed selecting: View > Environment Shade.

Final note:
Light in Render Room affect the SHADER properties.
If you are using a MatCap shader, take care about the hot spot location in the texture used to build the MatCap

Hope this lines add light to the darkness. :D

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I found an old blog talking about 3DC render engine







Tuesday, June 3, 2008
New render engine:

This cross platform engine was done by my friend Sergey Krizhanovsky


But cant find any paper... or how was implemented.





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The following post are quotes for version 4.5 PBR workflow



It is already possible to render out lighting almost identical to what is displayed in the viewport. Sort of. Although it requires a little bit of tweaking and it doesn't allow for using additional lights.

The workaround I'm using:

  1. Set primary light intensity to 100.
  2. Set ambient light to 0.
  3. Lightness to 500*.
  4. AO percentage to 25*.
  5. Delete all custom lights.
  6. Black out the remaining light by setting its colour to (0,0,0) and intensity to 0.

* - The relation of AO percentage and lightness seems to be an exponential function. I only looked up some samples that work good.
Few pairs that return almost identical results on the rendered images:

lightness    ao_percentage
  1355            10
   500            25
   262            50
   174            75
   130           100

I mostly use pair 262/50.

The pairs return subtly brighter lighting than the viewport as I like it this way, but you can always darken it to almost perfectly match the viewport by slightly lowering the lightness parameter of each pair.


But this all is tedious, so I'm glad it won't be needed any more.  :)

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