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Where are claw and mud brushes??

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Hello everyone,

I use 3D coat mainly for its UV tools but lately I have been getting into Voxel sculpting. I use Sculptris a lot but I would like to take my voxels into 3D coat to eliminate a program from my workflow but to be honest, I am getting frustrated trying to hunt down features I read about in release notes and forums that shouldn't be too hard to find. (Took me some time to locate the autopo tool). Now from what I have read claw, mud, and inflate brushes are voxel tools. So where the heck are they and why are they not in the brush menu? Also how do you do cavity masking? Is there a way to paint masks yet? (I know you can use stencils but am looking for something like the same way zbrush/ sculptris handles masking.)

Thank you in advance.

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Hi randomguy_i, 3Dcoat Has a different UI to that of ZBrush so the Claw, mud & inflate are not actually brushs like in ZBrush yet you can get a similar function. Select them on the left hand menu in the Voxel & LC modes ( enter LC mode by Left clicking the little cube icon in the Voxel layer) Then you combine the tool selected from that menu with the alphas in the brush tab to get the desired effect.

You can't get a cavity mask( or freeze in 3DCoat), instead you paint it in, in the paint rm. with pen pressure setting ( menu located across the very top, is set at "Pressure not dependent on color" by default). Set this to -"more in cavity". If you paint this where you want it in its own layer in the paint room you can then apply this to freeze through the freeze menu and use "Freeze painted pixels" Then you can use the Freeze menu to sharpen or smooth or invert the freeze region. Feezed regions in the paint rm. will be freeze regions in the Voxel rm if you want to use it there.

Hope that will help.

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Also, under the preferences menu you must have ("show beta tools) selected for the new LC tools too show up.

After you click the little cube icon as Polygoon stated you are now in surface mode. (true polygons not voxels anymore)

Surface mode is closer to Sculptris in nature than voxel mode....

LC tools have dynamic tessellation like Sculptris but not the regular surface brushes. The tessellation is base upon the amount of detail you set and the size of your brush.

Be sure to select remove stretching in the upper left menu for the regular surface mode brushes. Test with and without that feature on a lower polygon count model. You will see what it does...

I do not think there is a claw brush... Maybe someone created it using the general brush in the LC brushes...

InflateClay is a LC brush and Mud is a regular surface brush...

So you have 3 types of brushes

Voxel, Surface Mode and LiveClay. Each work after their fashion plus settings you can change. LC brushes has the most settings you can change for your brush...

Lots of brush power 3DCoat has once you get use to how it works...

* Note* If you use LC brushes for fine detail and then go back to voxel mode you will lose those details unless you crank up your voxel resolution really high.

One good workflow is do all your voxel work and then go to surface mode or you can switch back and forth as you build your larger to medium forms leaving your final detail work for surface mode using the LC brushes...

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Ooooooh I see. Thanks a lot for telling me about the cube icon Polygoon. I saw a pic of what the mud and scratch brushes did but when I saw the example they called the scratch brush a claw brush. The way you add your masking and freezing seem a little unintuitive for voxel sculpting to me. Do you know if there are any plans from Andrew or Raul (I think those are their names) to add something a little quicker?

You're right Digman as LC and surface mode does remind me of Sculptris. Thank you for telling me about the "Beta Tools" box in the preferences. It almost feels like I can sculpt like I would in Sculptris using LC then switch over to surface mode and add details like I would in Zbrush.

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