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    • 拾取鼠标位置为旋转中心 (快捷键F),不知道具体菜单位置在哪里,图标太小了,不好观察,请问设计这个的目的是什么?具体怎么使用?
    • First of all I have to write that I am a complete beginner in 3DCoat, I am just getting acquainted but I already liked the software and bought it.  I am a bit confused why different curves are named the same and cannot be used together. I would like to use the "cut slice with transform to curves" tool. So for example to quickly create a curve path around the waist of a character for a belt, or around the neck/arm for a necklace/bracelet. A curve can be easily created this way.   But at the same time I want to use this curve as "Curves for draw with curves (splines), i.e. apply the "Spline" model stretched and copied along the curve. And here's the catch, the fun tool for creating using single points is lengthy as opposed to quickly applying a curve around the entire perimeter of the model. So is there any way to transform a base curve into a curve designed for draw with curves (splines)? Thank you very much for your help, I've been struggling with this for 4 days and I still can't find a solution, maybe it's not even possible and then it's a pity, thank you Martin
    • the mesh are in the same PolyGroup...
    • Hi, I noticed 3D Coat's official channel on youtube is now producing great and short videos for every tool. I like that. Would it be possible to go over Replicator tool? I tried it recently and didn't really understand. I found video from someone on youtube but he didn't do a good job at explaining it, I just watched him work with it but didn't understand how he got the results. Also wanted to suggest to add some fitting thumbnails For each of the videos? So in case I don't know the feature name I would still recognize what it's for thanks to the thumbnail.
    • 3dc works with binary fbx file format. Try obj please
    • are separated meshes ? cutout tool could help
    • How can I delete just the tip of the bottom mesh that is inside of the top one and join them together (without converting the mesh to voxel and to surface again)? Thanks
    • whats your topology look like? for some reason 3dcoats having baking issues with tri meshes ... 
    • Thanks for helping me out as well, you made my day.
    • Is there common edge between them? Generally Weld in PPP import dialog will help.
    • No strips activated Yes, it looks very different, maybe I'm doing something fundamentally wrong here? For example here is the default provided by program I'm new to this, I apologise if I do anything wrong here, maybe because I'm using trial version?    I find it very hard to sculpt with undo lag unfortunately I'll check if it's the same on other devices
    • If you have any strips activated, try turning it OFF pressing the X icon   Strange, working on 1.5M mesh I got better resolution that the pic showing your test, and no lag using undo   Do you have any antivirus blocking the app ?
    • In 17th the picture/curve/text tool are non-destructive, including image, alpha, stripe, symmetry. So it becomes very similar to that.
    • Version: 2024.15 Basic given models from voxel sculpting selection - middle sphere and human with 60152 polygons and 1,6 mill polygons, delay is still the same, if I wait up to 2 seconds before the undo, there are no lags Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 3.80 GHz GTX 1060 16GB RAM Attached the screenshots, on the first screenshot I started from the red area, wich was left empty, the second screenshot left me with couple of dots at the bottom instead of line Thanks
    • I'm really glad you brought up Groboto in this thread kenmo. You got me thinking about it and Mesh Fusion sold to Modo and Alexei Vanzhula's Soft Boolean.  Basically what is this stuff?  It's a simple NURBS (well BREP?) program set up for doing booleans. As simple boolean operations the product and essentially it's no better or worse (well a bit more complicated jiggery pokerey) than what 3D Coat can produce. It's the translator that turns it into an obj that gets interesting when you start working with Seam Strips between boolean objects to produce bevels and chamfers. Now this is where 3D Coat falls down a bit. Sticking a curve on a voxel edge and then giving it a provisional edge is not that exact. However, 3DCoat has introduced NURBS to its mix. Now nobody expects Andrew and his team to produce a competitor to Rhino or even MOI3D, and rightly so since this market is saturated with a lot of newcomers right now. But what he could do is just give a bunch of nurbs primitives that can be altered in various ways, (length, width, caps etc) then set them up like Groboto for NURBS that can be assembled in Boolean structures that are translated into polygons with Seam smoothing and altering the width of the Seam Strips.    http://www.groboto.com/v3-media/pdf/GroBoto Symmetric Mesh Notes.zip   Here's Groboto's 60page Symmetric Meshes PDF that goes into great depth on this interesting subject   I think it just gives some beautiful results though as a stand alone it's a bit abstract and off the beaten professional use track, kind of like Teya Conceptor.     
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