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    • Case: HYTE Revolt 3 Case by iBUYPOWER Review - Is it worth the HYPE? - Wccftech. CPU Cooler: Fractal Lumen S36 RGB Liquid CPU Cooler Review - TweakTown. CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS10X Performa Black Review - TechPowerUp. Headset: HarmonicDyne P.D.1 In-Ear Monitors Review - TechPowerUp. Headset: Razer Barracuda X and Immerse Hive - Neoseeker. Laptop: Alienware x17 Review- A Designer Gaming Laptop - Tom's Hardware. Mouse: Hands-On With Corsair’s M65 RGB Ultra Mouse- Upgrading an FPS Classic - Tom's Hardware. RAM: Kingston FURY Renegade RGB 32GB DDR4 3600 CL16 Dual-Channel Kit - Nikk Tech. Smartphone: Apple iPhone 13 Pro review: a better display, the best camera, and incredible battery life - The Verge.
    • Big update ! So, here we are. The demo is finally available in its very first public version ! Please take the time to read the following lines : - The demo is given for free, all you need to do is to register here on artstation, go to my store here : https://artstn.co/m/y138n and pick the demo. If you want to share the demo to a friend, please share the link to the free product instead of copying files on a USB key, it helps me having an idea of how many players tested it (it should also help reporting bugs later on, tracking who gets what...etc. Thanks in advance) I wish you will enjoy exploring this little project ! - Since it's "inspired by" star wars (but not only), you may reckognize environments, starfighters, destroyers...etc. Yet I didn't want to stick to existing designs at a "fanatic"-precision, so you may notice differences between official designs and those from Redemption - The demo comes in a v1.0, meaning we plan to add some more stuff to it in the near future. Yet a demo is a demo, not a AAA game. We will polish unfinished things, fix as many bugs as we can, add what's missing today regarding our ToDo-List, but it will stop there. Please refrain from making feature requests, we won't add them. Bugs can be reported here and we will see how many we could fix for a last version. - The game should run fine on most configs, if you experience any lag, please go in options, set a different game quality ("screenpercentage" doesn't work yet) and launch a level (this will apply new settings). The game runs smoothly on a 2080 RTX with a i7 9th Gen & 8GB of RAM so if you've got this (or better) it's good ! By default game quality is set to Epic, the "Ultra" mode is here for "Cinematic" quality, but is visually not this better, only sharp trained eyes will seea difference. - At the moment, the game only offers to explore levels & collect little flying creatures called "ForceGhosts". To finish a level, you need to find them all and reach the end trigger box. -Trigger boxes aren't always placed at the end of a level, since some levels have a "loop" flow, but every time the box is on the biggest "Exit door" of the level (not necessary a door visually...but I guess you've got it ) This first public release is here to thank all of the fans of the project who have been waiting patiently for this, as well as a simple tribute to the fantastic & inspiring StarWars universe. I don't know what I would be today if this Far far away Galaxy didn't exist. It's something that is part of me, of a lot of people, and I wish this addition will serve at its best the most of us ! Here is the game cover, you have the file amongst some more in the final folder if you want to change for fresh wallpapers Also it's funny but here's the Cover in akeytsu ^^ Yep. It's a great tool to do a lot of things +D With the release of this demo, we've made a Trailer. And it's almost as heavy as making the game, it involves especially a different approach of animation, since you're making shots and not realtime game cycles, it's okay to have a bad pose when you turn around, the superior rule  is to take care or arcs, posings, motion through frames. Bend your characters if you need to make them follow strong arcs, don't be affraid of breaking their arms & legs. Well. Here's that trailer:    
    • Wip wip wip +D   I really love this environment vibes ♥ Holobooks needs more life btw, It's just a draft ^^ I also decided to cut off one of the blades to give that lightsaber a more brutal feeling  
    • Here is a problem I had with the first release of 2021 and still have it in the current version. I have these bricks that are close to each other but not touching. I want to move them individually so I thought I would use the Pose tool with Select Object mode.  However every time I click one brick it also selects some nearby bricks. Even if I make the brush size very small I can't select only one brick.
    • Ok, corrected it in the upcoming build 52: Smart Materials->Add Existing Folder completely rewritten. Now it takes into account all types of maps, all imaginable textures names aliases, recovers displacement from the normal map (if no native displacement found), assigns cube-mapping and generates the preview. If there are images without alias at the end they will be treated as flat color maps.    
    • Uh... Can't upload the file because of a server problem. I'll try again in the morning after waking up.
    • Hi Remember to use Help > Send file to... to report this issue to development team. Thanks //edit * Reported  
    • [ Paint Room issue ] I am currently studying a tilemap to use as a game asset. I can't bake occlusions and curvatures on a model that consists of a single plane. When baking after Sculpt and Retopo work, Normal map is baked, but additional Occlusion and Curvature cannot be baked in Paint Room. Additional sides are required for baking to proceed.   Edit 1 ) https://www.dropbox.com/t/lawGFnHCTNc2aPa6 Sorry, changed the link to dropbox. '_Create Tilemap' is baking on a single plane '_Create Tilemap_001' is adding side face.
    • If possible, it would be good to be able to right click on any field and define the range in all sliders...or provide some other method for defining the range since everyone will want something different.
    • @Silas Merlin  I think you misunderstand what I wrote.  What I suggest would make 3DCoat easier by not having to convert a geometry object to another type of geometry object to make it usable in a different room.  This would get rid of all conversions making it easier to use.  You could still optionally bake stuff if you wanted.
    • As i know, its is not possible to reset values using a shortkey.
    • is there a way to reset as well the brightness/contrast and gamma sliders?
    • I don't sculpt in 3d Coat.  I always use Reference Mesh.  It never crossed my mind that could be the problem.  But that's exactly it.  Loft as Stroke works on a Sculpt Mesh but not on a Reference Mesh.  It should work on both. @Carlosan
    • would it possible to be able to go to negative values in the overlap of the twist tool but using directly the sliders, to be able to have spacing when doing an array?without typing the negative values but just using the sliders? thanks
    • Auto Update ManagerView the full article
    • Please no. You seem to want 3d-Coat to Become Blender. I don't like Blender. I like 3d-Coat. To me it all comes down to this : either a software has an internal logic that is compatible with you or not. Personally, I am not compatible with Blender or Zbrush. If all software used Blender's logic (which is beyond me), then I would simply be left out of 3d altogether. Point is : There needs to be different approaches so that everyone can find one software that suits them. When you find it, you use that as your main tool, and you open the other ones only to accomplish certain tasks that are not possible in your main package. There are things that can be improved for sure. for example the "conversion" which is straightforward only if you sculpt>retopo>bake. For any other workflow it can become nightmarish, because the means of moving one object type to another are not obvious and dispersed in different menus/panels. Also : -if you want to bake from paint object to paint object you need to do so with the target mesh saved on disk (not loaded in the software) -you can't bake color from paint object to sculpt object (you need to subdivide the paint object in another software first so that 3d-Coat can bake from texture to vertex colour at import) As for your eyebrows, you simply need to hide paint layer 0 for the transparency to show after baking. If I understand correcly the performance of the various tools requires different types of meshes. for instance, if you try to sculpt on uv-mapped mesh, it will become sluggish as the polycount rises. as for popups and warnings, they should remain exceptional, not the norm, otherwise 3d-Coat will no longer be 3d-Coat. all the changes you request would make 3d-Coat not be 3d-Coat anymore.  
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