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Translation 3D-Coat on other Languages

    Do you want to see 3D-Coat on your native language? You can speed up translation process if you will participate in this project. You can translate or correct any hint or message in 3D-Coat in the form below. You should skip all words that contain #, %, &, @. If some hint is empty, just keep it as is. We thank you for participation! Everything that will be translated in the form below will be distributed without any additional fee.

3D-Coat English 2257 (41.39%)
3D-Coat Spanish 3597 (65.96%)
3D-Coat French 5437 (99.71%)
3D-Coat German 3785 (69.41%)
3D-Coat Japanese 5121 (93.91%)
3D-Coat Portuguese 80 (1.47%)
3D-Coat Czech 242 (4.44%)
3D-Coat Italian 738 (13.53%)
3D-Coat Russian 100%
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