The 3DCoat Manual has undergone numerous transformations. When I (Javis) originally took over the manual back in 2010, it was a simple document made in OpenOffice.Org, myself along with Klaus Nordby, Sharon Helms and Gideon Klindt, made a new document from that original with InDesign.

Now we transform the document once again, to be an online only version. This document will be forever changing. With each new build of 3DCoat a new tool or function tends to be introduced, and with this document it will be updated nearly with each build of 3DCoat.

Keeping the document live in this way will make sure that it is almost always up to date with the latest information possible for 3DCoat and it’s users.

Thanks for reading!

Online Manual Editors

Javis Jones

PDF Manual Editors

Greg Smith, Javis Jones, Christian Michelin, Don Nash, David Schoneveld, Luo Chen, Marina Shpagina, Dwayne Ferguson, Daniel Yarmak, Klaus Nordby, Sharon Helms and Gideon Klindt

Pilgway Staff

Lead Programmer & Owner

Andrew Shpagin, support@3dcoat.com

Assistant Programmers

Raul Fernandez Hernandez (LiveClay)
Sergii Kryzhanovskyi (Mac/Linux Ports, Graphics Engine)
Vitaliy Volokh (Collada, Open VDB)

Web-Designer & Webmaster

Vladimir Popelnukh, web@3dcoat.com

Sales Manager

Stanislav Chernyshuk, sales@3dcoat.com

Public Relations Manager

Denis Yanev, d.yanev@3dcoat.com