Author: Javis Jones

Smart Materials

Smart Materials have a number of aspects in 3DCoat. There is the viewport Shading, Import/Export of Smart Material Texture maps and Smart Materials  for painting physically accurate materials. More Information on PBR can be...

Brush Components II

Continuing from the first Brush Components article, let’s look at the rest of the Brush Components. Strips Strips allow you to make repeating patterns along your strokes. Strips use black and white images, similar...

Symmetry Mode

3D-Coat has symmetry across multiple planes, even simultaneously. It also works radially if you need to work radially. To use symmetry, either go to the Symmetry Menu or press the S key, and toggle it...

Texture Baking

Baking is the process of creating textures from one mesh to another, or from one texture map to another, with different UVs. The Baking tools in 3DCoat allow you to bake a number of...


The development of “live” links between 3D-Coat and other commercial 3D applications is an ongoing project. So, consider some of these AppLinks as beta versions. As of this printing, the list of available Applinks...

Stroke Modes

An in depth look at all of the Stroke Modes, from pressure sensitive ones, to lassos and the curves.

Paint Layers Menus

A detailed look at the functions in the Layers Menu and the Layers RMB Menu.

Paint Tools

A quick look at the Paint Room’s Tools.

Freeze Menu

Paint Room’s Freezing functions described.