Category: Paint

Paint Room associated tools, functions, tutorials, workflows and more.

Paint Tools

A quick look at the Paint Room’s Tools.

Paint Layers Menus

A detailed look at the functions in the Layers Menu and the Layers RMB Menu.

Paint Functions & Panels

3DCoats roots are with 3D texture painting, and has many painting tools and functions. Whether you’re painting Color, Spec or Depth, they can also be modified by using Materials, which contain their own color,...

Freeze Menu

Paint Room’s Freezing functions described.

Smart Materials

Smart Materials have a number of aspects in 3DCoat. There is the viewport Shading, Import/Export of Smart Material Texture maps and Smart Materials  for painting physically accurate materials. More Information on PBR can be...

Surface Materials

Surface Materials in 3DCoat are the equivalent of polygonal material assignments from other programs, such as Modo or Maya. If upon import 3DCoat detects any of these Surface Materials, they will be respected and...