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Sculpt Room associated tools, functions, tutorials, workflows and more.

Sculpt Room

Probably the most unique set of tools and functions found in the 3D sculpting venue reside in this Room. Nicely divided from other portions of the 3DCoat environment – The Sculpt Room contains a...


Menus and shared functions from other menus in the Sculpt Room.


The Sculpt Room’s Shaders.

RMB Menu

The functions in the Sculpt Room’s RMB menu.

Surface Tools

The Sculpt Room has many polygonal sculpting tools, which we call Surface Sculpting tools. Read this article to learn more about the Surface Sculpting tools.


Command functions in the Sculpt Room.

Curves Tool

The “Curves” tool is easily one of the most powerful tools in the Sculpt Room, as it lets you place spline points directly into your scene with the LMB. To edit an existing point,...

LiveClay Tools

The LiveClay tools in 3D-Coat. Advanced dynamic tessellation sculpting tools.