Terminology Changes

This information is provided to help users of older version to distinguish the changes in terminology of tools and functions, when moving to or using newer builds of 3D-Coat.

4.5 Beta 8


  • “Objectify” is now “Object-ify”
  • “Set Default Hotkeys” is now “Store as Default Hotkeys”
  • “To Default Hotkeys” is now “Reset Hotkeys”

4.5 Beta 5


  • References to “Specular” are now all “Glossiness”, except when referring to Specular Color (Which is unchanged)

4.5 Beta 1


  • “Panorama” is now “Environment”


  • “Show Hovering Tooltips” is now “Show Tooltips”
  • “Show Longer Tooltips” is now “Expanded Tooltips Panel”

Sculpt Room

  • “Surface” sculpting sub-menu is now “Surface Sculpting”
  • “Brush & Stroke Options” is now “Brush Options”
  • “Place Edges Only” is now “Place Edges”
  • “Places Corners Only” is now “Place Corners”
  • “Decimate2X” is now “Decimate 2X”
  • “Decimate4X” is now “Decimate 4X”
  • “Decimate8X” is now “Decimate 8X”
  • “Decimate16X” is now “Decimate 16X”
  • “General LC Brush” is now “General Clay”
  • “LC” header is now “Live Clay Tools”
  • “Split&Joints” is now “Split & Joints”
  • “Cut&Clone” is now “Cut & Clone”
    “Ripple” is now “Ripple Clay”
  • “Transform Whole Lattice” is now “Transform/Lattice Toggle”
  • “Apply to Whole Curve” is now “Transform Curve”
  • “ResetPrim” is now “Reset Primitive”
  • “Translate Brush Along Curve” is now “Brush Along Curve”
  • “Conform” is now “Surface Snap”
  • “Jagged Line” is now “Disconnected Line”‘
  • “Symmetry Center Snap” is now “Symmetry Snap”
  • “Only One Segment” is now “One Segment”
  • “Tube” is now “Remove Profile”
  • “Draw Over Plane” is now “On Plane”
  • “Params” is now “Plane Opt.”
  • “Constrain by X” is now “Constrain: X”
  • “Constrain by Y” is now “Constrain: Y”
  • “Constrain by Z” is now “Constrain: Z”
  • “Constrain by XY plane” is now “Constrain: XY Plane”
  • “Constrain by YZ plane” is now “Constrain: YZ Plane”
  • “Constrain by ZX plane” is now “Constrain: ZX Plane”
  • “Enter Text Here:” is now “Enter Text:”
  • “Export Pattern for Merge Object Tool” is now ” Save to Meshes Panel”
  • “Export Curve Profile” is now “Save to Spline Panel”
  • “Apply Axial Symmetry” is now “Radial Array”
  • “Axial Symmetry Order” is now “Array Count”
  • “Apply Axial” is now “Create Radial Array”
  • “Separate Disconnected Pieces” is now “Objectify Disconnected”
  • “Separate Hidden Pieces” is now “Objectify Hidden”
  • “Hide” is now “Vox Hide”

Retopo Room

  • “Use Current Low-Poly Mesh” is now “Use Visible Paint Objects as Retopo”
  • “Basic” is now “Add Geometry”
  • “Tweak” is now “Edit Geometry”
  • “Check Retopo Objects & Volume Correspondence” is now “Correspond Retopo Object w/ Sculpt Object”


  • “Textual Look” is now “View as Text”
  • “StoreSymmetry” is now “Store Symmetry”
  • “Add Presets From File” is now “Load Presets”
  • “Textual Look” is now “View as Text”
  • “Brush & Stroke Options” is now “Brush Options”
  • “Swap Y & Z” is now “Swap Y & Z Scene Axes”
  • “Create New Brush” is now “Create New Alpha”
  • “Sub-Objects” is now “Paint Objects”

Paint Room

  • “Export Mesh” is now “Export Objects & Textures”
  • “Zoom Tool” is now “Height Adjustment Tool”
  • “Discard Hidden Linked Pixels” is now “Discard Clip Masked Pixels”
  • “Apply Blending” is now “Apply Layer Blending”
  • “Clamp Depth of the Layer” is now “Clamp Layer Depth”



  • “Show hints” is now “Show Hovering Tooltips”
  • “Show big hints at the bottom panel” is now “Show Longer Tooltips”
  • “Jitter” is now “Jitter Position”
  • “Jitter” is now “Jitter Rotation”
  • “Spacing Jitter” is now “Jitter Spacing”
  • “Hue Jitter” is now “Jitter Hue””Brightness Jitter” is now “Jitter Brightness”
  • “Saturation Jitter” is now “Jitter Saturation”
  • “Pressure Dependencies” is now “Height/Color Limiter”
  • “Use original positions of mesh” is now “Use Un-Smoothed Vertex Positions”
  • “Segments number” is now “Segment Count”
  • “Grow on brush motion” is now “Stroke Expansion”
  • Normal map space type is now “Normal Space Type”
  • “Stencil & stamp will be transformed using the navigation bar” is now “Stencil & Stamp Transformed Using Nav Bar”
  • “Stencil will be transformed using the navigation bar” is now “Stencil Transformed Using Nav Bar”
  • “Smooth but keep edges” is now “Smooth, Keep Edges”
  • “E” Panel is now “Stroke Mode”
  • Stroke Mode panel functions now all have names:
    • Radius & Depth Pressure
    • Depth & Opacity Pressure
    • Radius, Depth & Opacity Pressure
    • Droplet Pressure
    • Constant Pressure
    • Dot Stroke
    • Vertex Lines
    • Vertex Curves
    • Curve Stroke
    • Stamp Mode
    • Stamp Drag Mode
    • Square Lasso
    • Rectangle Lasso
    • Vertex Lasso
    • Stroke Lasso
    • Circle Lasso
    • Ellipse Lasso
    • Closed Spline
    • 3D Closed Spline
    • Single Polygon
  • “Voxel Room” is now “Sculpt Room”
  • “Masks” are now “Stencils”
  • “Options panel” (which contained brush/stroke info) renamed to “Brush & Stroke Options”
  • “Paint Over Mesh w/ Deep Displacement” is now “Paint w/ Deep Displacement (Micro-Vertex)”
  • “Paint Directly Over UV Mapped Mesh” is now “Paint UV Mapped Mesh (Per-Pixel)”

Paint Room

  • “Collapse” is now “Pinch”
  • “Save Specularity as Alpha in Normal Map” is now “Save Specularity as Normal Map Alpha Channel”
  • All paint room tools have names or updated names:
    • Brush Tool
    • Pencil Tool
    • Airbrush Tool
    • Color Operations Tool
    • Zoom Tool
    • Shift Tool
    • Clone Tool
    • Transform/Copy Tool
    • Copy/Paste Tool
    • Spline Paint Tool
    • Spline Text Tool
    • Spline Image Tool
    • Eraser Tool
    • Hide Poly Tool
    • Freeze Tool
    • Fill Tool
    • Magic Wand Tool
    • Sampler Tool
    • Normal Flatten Tool
    • Topological Symmetry Tool
    • Measure Distance Tool
  • “Materials” are now “Stamps” (Paint Materials)
  • “Materials (surfaces)” are now “Surface Materials”
  • “Layer Linking” is now “Clip Masking” (in line with PS functionality and naming)
  • “Line Mode” is now “Gradient Mode”
  • “Vary color each stroke” is now “Vary Color Per Stroke”
  • Pressure Dependencies on top bar was “Pressure not dependant on color” now “Height/Color Limiter (None)”
  • “Blending” panel now “Layer Blending”
  • “Paint Over Mesh Vertices” is now “Vertex Painting”
  • “Surface Mode (Organic+HardSurface)” is now “Surface Sculpting (Organic+HardSurface)”
  • “Product/Prototype Models )(cnc, moulding, lasercut)” is now “Product Prototyping (CNC, Moulding, Lasercut)”
  • “Depth%” is now “Depth Opacity”

Sculpt Room

  • “Place just edges” is now “Place Edges Only”
  • “Smart placing” is now “Smart Placement”
  • “Place just corners” is now “Place Corners Only”
  • “SurfHide” is now “Surface Hide”
  • “TSmooth” is now “Tangent Smooth”
  • “BuildClay” is now “Build Clay”
  • “CreaseClay” is now “Crease Clay”
  • “ExtrudeClay” is now “Extrude Clay”
  • “SnakeClay” is now “Snake Clay”
  • “TubeClay” is now “Tube Clay”
  • “SmudgeClay” is now “Smudge Clay”
  • “InflateClay” is now “Inflate Clay”
  • “SwirlClay” is now “Swirl Clay”
  • “FlattenClay” is now “Flatten Clay”
  • “WrinkleClay” is now “Wrinkle Clay”
  • “GeneralBrush” is now “General LC Brush”
  • “CleanClay” is now “Clean Clay”
  • “CopyClay” is now “Copy Clay”
  • “CloseHole” is now “Close Hole”
  • “PaintHole” is now “Poly Remove”
  • “Shell Surface Mesh” is now “Surface Mesh to Shell”
  • “PaintHole” is now “Paint Poly-Removal”
  • “Import as Thin Wall” is now “Import as Shell”
  • Thin Wall” is now “Extract Shell”
  • “Make Thin Wall Using Voxels” is now “Make Shell Mesh Using Voxels”
  • “Make Thin Wall Using Surface” is now “Make Shell Mesh Using Surface”
  • “Surface to Thin Wall” is now “Shell Surface Mesh”
  • “Apply even to hidden faces” is now “Apply to Hidden Faces”
  • “Extract skin” is now “Extract Thin Wall”
  • “Relative radius of the hole” is now “Relative Hole Radius”
  • “Make Mesh Closed” is now “Close Mesh”
  • “Un – instance this” is now “Un-Instance Current”
  • “Un – instance like this” is now “Un-Instance Similar”
  • “Turn Surface to Shell” is now “Surface to Thin Wall”
  • “Hide but current” is now “Isolate”

Retopo Room

  • “Mesh to receive projected textures” is now “Mesh to Bake to”
  • “In scan depth” is now “Inward Scan Depth”
  • “Out scan depth” is now “Outward Scan Depth”
  • “Use current low poly mesh instead of external mesh” is now “Use Current Low-Poly Mesh Only”
  • “Select with brush” is now “Paint Select”
  • “Spin” is now “Rotate CW”
  • “Spin back” is now Rotate CCW”
  • “Bake color there from all volumes.” is now “Bake Color From Visible Volumes”

Misc. Notes

  • Renamed anything “carcass” to be more inline with the function it was describing
  • “merging” is now more descriptive for what it does:
    • Merge to import is now Import
    • Merge to bake is now Bake
    • Merge to combine is still Merge (vox boolean op related)
  • Removed all traces of the word “pen”, replaced with “brush” in the proper context
  • Various tools given tooltips

General UI

  • Capitalized numerous UI elements, description nouns, titles, etc.
  • Updated some tool or function descriptions
  • Gave description to a number of things that didn’t have a description at all

Top Bar

  • “Opacity” is now “Color Opacity”
  • “Specular” is now “Spec. Intensity” (thinking about Spec. Gloss)
  • “Specular Opacity” is now “Spec. Opacity”
  • “Invert tool” function is now “Invert Tool”
  • Fix a ton of more stuff (typos, wording/language, grammar)

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