Paint Objects

One of the three main types of objects in 3DCoat. Paint Objects are objects that can be, as the name suggests, painted on. If you don’t have the Paint Objects panel open, it can be found on the Top Bar under the menu, Windows>Popups> Paint Objects.

Paint Objects

Paint Objects are visible in the Paint Room, for painting, the Tweak Room for basic mesh editing, the UV Room where the existing UVs can be modified or completely reworked, and lastly, the Retopology Room where you can create an entirely new mesh topology over the existing one. Paint Object do not appear in the Sculpt Room, and the Sculpt Room tools cannot be used on a Paint Object. That said, Paint Objects can be imported with the Import tool, or sent from the Paint Room to the Sculpt Room via a command, and then the details baked as a depth map (which can be exported as a normal or displacement map) from the Sculpt Object, to a Paint Object.

A Paint Object must have a UV Map for you to be able to paint on the object. This can be done with another UV mapping tool, or you can let 3DCoat automatically UV Unwrap the mesh upon import as well. Paint Objects are almost always at the end of a pipeline for content creation.

When you import a mesh as a Paint Object, the Import Prompt will allow you to perform numerous functions and select options for the mesh. One of these options allows you to subdivide the mesh to increase the resolution. When this is done, any painting operations performed will be done so on this higher resolution mesh, rather than the lower resolution, initially imported mesh. When you finally export, you will have the option of exporting the initial low resolution mesh, or the higher resolution subdivided mesh. If you wish to export the mesh just as it was when you first imported, always choose to export the low resolution version of the mesh. More is discussed on this topic in the Import and Export sections of this document.

Paint Objects can be exported/imported in multiple file formats:

  • .LWO
  • .OBJ
  • .FBX
  • .STL
  • .PLY
  • .DAE
  • .WRL

Differences From Other Objects

3DCoat has three main types of internal mesh Objects: Paint, Sculpt & Retopo. Let’s take a look at these Objects.

Paint Objects

  • Need a UV Map to be painted
  • Texturing is done with image based painting tools
  • Cannot be sculpted on directly
  • Can be retopologized in the Retopo Room
  • Are generally low resolution meshes that have details baked to them from Sculpt Objects or painted on directly

Sculpt Object

  • Do not need UV maps to be painted
  • Sculpting is done at the vertex or voxel level
  • Painting is performed on vertices, so the higher the resolution of the mesh, the more details you can paint
  • Can be retopologized in the Retopo Room
  • Are generally high resolution meshes that have their details Baked to a Paint or Retopo Mesh

Retopo Objects

  • Are “virtual” and not finalized until Baked to the Paint Room, at which point they become Paint Objects
  • Each polygon must be on a UV Map to be Baked to the Paint Room
  • Reside only in the Retopo Room, cannot be sculpted or painted on directly, but can be transferred to either room via commands
  • Are generally low resolution meshes of Sculpt Objects that have details baked to them from Sculpt Objects

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