Freeze Menu

Freeze Menu

Activate Freeze Tool

Activates the Paint Room’s Freeze tool.

Toggle Freeze View

Changes the way that Frozen areas are displayed. Choose between various patterns, black or white.

Show/Hide Freeze

Turns the Freeze pattern on/off.

Freeze Painted Pixels

Freeze only pixels that have paint on them.

Freeze Transparent Pixels

Freeze only pixels that do not have paint on them.

Freeze Surface

Freezes the entire surface of the selected layer.

Freeze Border

Freezes only the border of the current Frozen area. Great for painting a selection, with the intent of painting only the bordering area.

Freeze Paint Object

Freeze an entire Paint Object.

Freeze Surface Material

Freeze an entire Surface Material.

Unfreeze Paint Object

Unfreeze an entire Paint Object.

Unfreeze Surface Material

Unfreeze an entire Surface Material.

Unfreeze All

Unfreeze everything.

Invert Freeze/Selection

Inverts the Frozen area to be Unfrozen, and the Unfrozen area to be Frozen.

Smooth Freezing

Smooths the Frozen area by feathering the pixels on the border.

Sharpen Freezing

Sharpens, or increases the opacity of the Frozen pixels.

Fill Unfrozen

Fill an Unfrozen area with with the current color and Glossiness amount.

Erase Unfrozen

Erase the Unfrozen areas.

Hide Frozen Area

Hide only the  Frozen areas.

Expand Frozen Area

Expands the Frozen area, by 1 pixel.

Contract Frozen Area

Contracts the Frozen area, by 1 pixel.

Store Freezing State

Stores the Frozen state to disk. Can be loaded with the Freeze tool, under the Tool Options panel.

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