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Paint Layers Menu - Layers Menu

Layer Blending

Invokes the Layer Blending panel.

Add Layer w/ Normal Map

Adds a new Paint Layer with the blend mode automatically set to NormalMap. This is for use with normal maps generated outside 3DCoat.


Duplicates the selected layer.

Merge Visible

Merges all of the visible Paint Layers to one layer.

Merge Down/Up

Merges the selected Layer up/down.

Copy Channels

Allows you to copy specific channels from one layer, to another. You can copy Red, Green, Blue, Luminosity, Alpha, Glossiness & Depth, to the same or any other channel on the target layer. You can also set the copying done to Replace, Move, Blend, Add & Subtract, for more advanced functionality.

Apply Layer Blending

Applies the current layer blending as the default, and resets the blend mode to Standard Blend.

Discard Clip Masked Pixels

Discards areas that are being clipped by another layer, in the current layer. Making the masked areas transparent.

Fill Unfrozen

Fills the Unfrozen areas.

Fill by Transparency

Fills only the transparent pixels with the current color.

Layers Menu Only


Invokes the Paint Layers panel.


Creates a new Paint Layer.


Deletes the selected layer.

Erase Unfrozen

Erases the Unfrozen areas.

Clamp Layer Depth

Clamp/Plateau depth of the layer with a minimum and maximum value.

Clamp Min. Depth

Clamps the depth of a layer by performing a minimum depth scan based off the parameter you specify. Good for removing “spikes” created while texture painting a depth map.

Symmetrical  Transform

If you don’t have Topological Symmetry active, any of these functions in this menu will activate the Topological Symmetry tool. Read more about it by clicking the link.


  • Layers Color
  • Glossiness
  • Depth


  • Color
  • All Layers Color
  • Glossiness
  • Depth

Layers RMB Menu Only

Paint Layers Menu - RMB Menu

Topological Symmetry Tool Functions

These functions below activate the Topological Symmetry tool.

  • Flip Layers and Duplicate
  • Flip Layer
  • Copy blue to Red
  • Copy Red to Blue

If the Topological Symmetry tool is already active, than the function chosen will be performed. Read more about the Topological Symmetry tool to see how these functions work.

Freeze Painted Pixels

Freeze only the painted pixels. Good for making quick masks of areas you don’t want to paint that have already been painted, or invert after performing this function to mask only unpainted areas.

Color to Glossiness

Applies any areas painted with color to have Glossiness with the current Spec. Intensity.

Invert Color

Inverts the colors on the selected layer.

Invert Glossiness

Inverts the Glossiness on the selected layer.

Set Height to Zero

Sets all height on the current layer to 0.

Make Transparent

Removes all painting done on the selected layer, and applies transparency to all pixels on that layer.

Remove Glossiness

Removes all Glossiness values on the selected layer.

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