Retopo Tools

Retopo Tools

Add Geometry Tools

These are the core tools of the Retopo Room, and with them you can place elements such as vertices or polygons, or even edge loops, to get you started with your geometry.


This tool lets you simply add edges by pointing and clicking in the location you would like to add the edge.


This tool has three primary modes, allowing you to select Points, Edges and Polygons.

Select Path

Define a seam for Unwrapping by designating a path composed of vertices you select in linear order. Press Enter when you have established your path to create the seam.


You can use 4 different methods for defining new topology, one quadrangle at a time.


Use this tool to create either quadrangles or triangles, point by point – hovering the Brush over the area defined by the points and the RMB to establish the new polygon. You can move vertices by Stroking with the RMB.


Hovering the Brush over a hole surrounded by connected topology and the RMB creates a pole and the connecting triangles which serve to close the hole.


Create topological cuts which form loops through an area of a model, or draw freeform splines with an even spacing of vertices which you define in advance. One use for this tool is to define a surrounding cylinder of polygonal loops by first drawing a sequence of loops (start drawing in empty space and finish in empty space) – then draw a freeform spline along the length of a model appendage (arm or leg), and pressing ENTER to finalize and create a cylindrical set of faces which define the appendage.


A Brush based tool that allows you to move the vertices in the area of the Brush Radius. The closer the vertices are to the center of the brush, the more they are effected. The further they are away from the center, the less they are effected. Holding SHIFT while stroking will relax the vertices in relation to one another, rather than move them.

Edit Geometry Tools

Del. Polygons

Click with the LMB to delete polygons with your brush.

Del. Edges

Click with the LMB to delete edges with your brush.


Collapses the polygon to a single vertex.

Split Rings

Adds an edge loop perpendicular to the edge you LMB click on.

Move Vertices

A great general tweaking tool for elements. You can edit vertices, edges, polygons, edge loops and edge rings. You can also set the mode to Auto, with this mode you can edit any of the aforementioned elements by simply using the LMB on the element you wish to work with.

Slide Edges

LMB and stroke on an edge to make it slide between the two adjacent and parallel edges. Moving the edge to one of it’s neighbors will automatically weld the vertices together upon release of your stroke.

UV Tools

The UV tools in the Retopo Room are identical to the standard UV Room’s tools. However, since the Retopo Objects are not yet committed as a Paint Object, the UV Room cannot be used to edit the UVs. This is where the UV tools in the Retopo Room come into play, since they can be used with the Retopo Objects. To learn more about the UV Tools, click the title above or HERE.




Force snaps the Retopo geometry to the visible underlying surface.


Scales the Retopo geometry. There are three modes for this tool:

  • Scale Uniform: Scales the Retopo Objects polygonal islands based off the local polygon normals.
  • Axial Scaling: Scales the Retopo Objects polygonal islands based axially with a specified axis. You can choose Normal, X, Y or Z for the Scale center.
  • Radial Scaling: Scales the Retopo Objects polygonal islands based radially. You can choose Normal, X, Y or Z for the Scale center.


Relaxes all of the geometry in the Retopo Object.


Allows you to use a specific mesh file on disk as your Retopo Object. Select the layer you wish to import it to, then proceed to import.


Exports the mesh to a directory on disk.


Subdivides the current Retopo Object.


Clears the geometry from the current Retopo Object.


This tool, when you’re not using Symmetry Mode (which uses virtual symmetrical meshes), this will create workable non-symmetrical geometry. It’s important to note that if you do intend to use Symmetry Mode, extra virtual geometry will be created, and Symmetry Mode in general will not work with geometry created with this command.


Unwraps the geometry to the currently selected UV map.

Store Sel./Load Sel.

Save and load preset files to/from disk for selections. Great for when working on large scenes or coming back to work at a later time.

Clear Sel.

Clears any selection you might have.

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