Texture Baking

Baking is the process of creating textures from one mesh to another, or from one texture map to another, with different UVs. The Baking tools in 3DCoat allow you to bake a number of different ways:

  • From a Sculpt Object to a Retopo Object
  • From a Paint Object to a Retopo Object
  • With Texture Baker to Retopo Mesh
  • With Texture Baker to mesh file externally from 3DCoat

Baking will create a depth map (or color, spec, etc. if you are baking from a Paint Object) based on the delta from the original to the target mesh.

Bake Menu

Retopo - Bake Menu

Accessed from within the Retopo Room, many of the baking options are here in this menu, at least for the types of baking you can perform.

Bake Selected Only

Will bake only the selected Retopo Object.

Name Correspondence for  Baking

Let’s look at the baking types now.

Per-Pixel Baking

Bakes with the image based Per-Pixel method. Requires a UV Map before the process can be done.

PTEX Baking

Bake using PTEX UV Maps. UV Maps are automatically created with PTEX.

Microvertex Baking

Bakes using the image and mesh based depth calculation. This method is deprecated in favor of the more advanced Per-Pixel method.

Texture Baker

Texture Baking Panel

This tool allows you to bake textures for exporting to an external directory, and not to the Paint Room. It also allows you to bake to a mesh external from 3DCoat. Various maps can be baked from it, including color (diffuse/albedo), glossiness, displacement and normals.

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