The menus in the Sculpt Room share some of the menus with other rooms, which are covered in the General Chapter of this document. Let’s take a look at the unique settings in the shared menus and the menus unique to this room.

Freeze Menu

Unfreeze All

Unfreezes a selection mask.

Invert Freeze/Selection

Inverts the selection mask.

Smooth Freezing

Smooths the border area of the selection mask.

Sharpen Freezing

Sharpens the border area of the selection mask.

Hide Frozen Area

Hides the area in the selection mask, regardless of the freezing value opacity of the smoothed areas.

Expand Frozen Area

Expands the selection masks borders.

Contract Frozen Area

Contracts the selection masks borders.

Store/Restore Freezing State

Allows you to save and load a preset file to/from disk for your freeze states.

Geometry Menu

The Geometry menu has a lot of  functions for sculpting, cleaning up and generally managing the geometry in your scene. Currently some of the functions in this menu are more related to the View menu, which are listed below.

Show Statistics

Displays a prompt with scene statistic, such as the volume, footprint and dimensions of your objects in the scene.

Define Measurement Units

Allows you the specify your preferred measuring units. You can use either Metric or Imperial systems. Metric allows for mm, cm, m and km. Imperial allows for inches, feet, yards and miles.

Edit Scene Scale

Allows you to change the scale of your scene. This is helpful for when you import very large or very small objects. Upon initially importing an object you will also be asked if 3DCoat should remember the original scale of the object. When you hit yes, this value is stored in the scene and can be edited with this function. You can also shift any axis scale with this function.


Use this to add voxel resolution only when you have exhausted the ability of the current resolution to add sufficient detail to your sculpture.


This presents you with a dialog that allows you to adjust the resolution (poly-count) of your model “up or down”, as you require.

Symm Copy

If your sculpture is not symmetrical, with purpose or otherwise, this command will symmetrize the sculpture, by  mirroring the mesh across the symmetry plane. Symmetry must be active for this function to work, and will work across any symmetry axis (X, Y or Z).


Clears all of the geometry from the current VoxTree object.

Smooth All

Smooths all of the geometry in the current VoxTree object.

Unhide All

Unhides any currently invisible geometry or volume.

Invert Hidden

Inverts the currently invisible or visible geometry or volume. If something was invisible, it is now visible, and vice versa.


Hides all layers except for the layer you’ve isolated.

Toggle Proxy Mode

Toggles the current object in and out of Proxy Mode. The original high res sculpture will be cached to disk until it is uncached/restored.

Uncache Visible Objects

Uncaches all visible objects from their proxy state and returns all cached objects to their pre-cached states.

Cache Visible Objects

Caches all visible objects in the scene.

Clear All Caches

Deletes any cached

Proxy Visualization

Specify a level of detail and resolution for the sculpture while in Proxy Mode. The higher the reduction value, the lower the amount of geometry from. Proxy mode can lower the polycount one of two ways: Reduce and Decimate.

Voxel Mode Geometry Functions

Objectify Hidden

Creates an object in the VoxTree for the currently hidden volume, and places the geometry into that object. All hidden pieces go into a single VoxTree object.

When using the Vox Hide tool, the geometry can still be unhidden at any time and it would still remained connected to the geometry you originally hid it from. However if you wanted to create objects for each of those pieces of geometry or volume, this command would do just that.

Surface Mode Geometry Functions


This function allows you to thicken a VoxTree object. Handy for imported objects that have open areas (not water tight).

Clean Surface

Removed any stretched polygons by adding more geometry locally and removes any “star” or “poles” vertices. These are vertices that have 5 or more edges connected to it.

Close Holes

Allows you to select and close holes in a polygonal mesh.

Weld Vertices

Welds together any overlapping vertices to remove redundant geometry.

Delete Hidden

Deletes any hidden polygons from the scene.


A tool prompt that allows you to specify in percentages, how much you would like to reduce or decimate the existing mesh. No resampling is done, so the original mesh is kept as much as possible while just reducing the polygonal count.

Remove Self Intersections

Removes any self intersecting parts of a sculpture on a single object. For example if you have an appendage intersecting another part of your sculpture after using the pose tool, this function would remove the intersecting parts an leave the remaining areas untouched.

Objectify Disconnected

Creates an object in the VoxTree for each separated piece of geometry, and places the geometry into those objects.

View Options

Cast Shadows

Toggle whether or not to cast shadows.


Toggles whether or not to use more than one CPU core.

Incremental Render

Renders only the areas of a previous render that have been changed, since that last render. Enabling/disabling shadows with Cast Shadows will disable the Incremental Render function.

Skip Rendering

When turned on, this function hides all Sculpt Room items from the Render Room.


Toggles whether or not the currently selected VoxTree object is highlighted. When an object is highlighted, it will have a slightly lighter color over the non-selected objects.

Accurate Smoothing

Provides more accurate smoothing with any smoothing functions, at the cost of speed and performance.

Stroke Expansion

When enabled, any tool that uses Stroke Expansion will perform only while a stroke is being made. When disabled these tools will continue to perform even while not stroke.

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