Tweak Room

These tools are used to make larger adjustments to the Paint Object geometry. Pose limbs using Drag Points, change a thin character into a larger one, and even create morphs maps for export. All of the adjustments or tweaks done in this room, do not create new geometry. Only modify existing Paint Object geometry. These are just some of the uses for this direct polygonal manipulation set of tools. Most of these tools respect brush Alphas and parameters from the  Brush Options panel.

Let’s take a look at these tools.

Tweak Room


Movements are based on the size and Alpha of the Brush. Use this tool to perform major adjustments to your mesh. Try to avoid stretching an area of polygons excessively, especially creating long, thin polygons (press “W” to see the wireframe),because this will cause unwanted texture distortions in your Paint Objects, and can in almost all cases require major alterations to any existing UV Maps.


This tool allows you to paint a Selection Mask either by brush (respecting any Stroke Modes, brush Alphas, etc.) a gradient or an entire Paint Object. Once a Selection Mask is made, you can then click one of the Transform buttons to activate a Transform Gizmo to Move, Rotate or Scale the selection or object. Smooth, Expand, Contract, Clear and Save/Load are self explanatory. Let’s look at Wide and Increase in a little more detail.

  • Wide: Expands the Selection Mask with a graded expansion, unlike Expand which increases the Selection Mask linearly.
  • Increase: Raises the value of the current Selection Mask by 10%, and does not change the area of the Selection Mask.


Using a rudimentary brush based “sculpting” tool to move vertices along their normals. Stroking with no modifier keys expands, holding CTRL+Stroking will collapse and holding SHIFT+Stroking will smooth the underlying vertices. This tool uses the Top Bar values, Depth and Smoothing to control the amount of displacement and smoothing respectively.


Pinches all vertices under your brush to the central point of your brush.


Pushes the vertices under your brush to the edge of your brush.

Shift & Smudge

Both very similar in effect. They both will “drag” vertices along your stroke. Shift is a minor version of Smudge, and moves vertices less than Smudge.


Flattens the vertices under your brush.


Smooths the vertices under your brush. Similar to holding SHIFT with other tools in 3DCoat.