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Release Notes

What's New in 3DCoat 4.9.65


- Naming Smart Materials in the materials list.

- Better visualization of the currently selected element - Pen, Stencils, Material, Shader…

- Re-enabled very old option (Prefs->Beta->Treat retopo groups as materials) in settings that allow treating retopo groups as materials instead of objects. This is just for tests, we do not guarantee that it will be kept in the future.

- Pivot option - rotate around the camera origin.



A lot of improvements in the Brush engine

- New modifiers - Relax, Sharpen, Eat details.

- New brushes - Sharpen, Super smooth. Those brushes are valency - independent,  based on reprojection onto the regular Grid. Sharpen performs local pinch toward the Convex/Concave details of the Surface.

- Position sampling introduced.

- Picking normals and position methods separated in the UI.

- Roof Pinch to preserve details during the pinch.

- Correct Presets panel in the Activity bar.

- Correct saving settings in the Brush Engine.

- Brush engine polished essentially, parameters split into sections, Build Up mode remastered.

- Brush engine got (optional) mode similar to the "Absolute brush" action. It is in the buildup settings.

- Jitters for the Brush engine.

- Principally new buildup mechanism for the Brush Engine. Now buildup and non-buildup brushes act exactly the same, the difference starts when you stroke the same place many times. Non-buildup reaches some height limit, buildup grows infinitely (but slowly) if the modifier allows.



- Fixed crash - rename shaders folder.

- Cylinder primitive UI corrected.

- Fixed Stencil & Cutoff issue with transformed volumes.

- Fixed Freeze in polygon mode issue (dependence on radius).

- Fixed crash during the Panorama loading.

- Cutoff with curves stability improved.

- Corrected mapping parameters dialog.

- Tools panel in Tweak room restored.

- Presets & Surface tools in Voxel mode work correctly now.

- Fixed Mesh corruption in the Retopo room when doing Subdivision (sometimes).

- Fixed possible infinite loop in AO calculation.

- Fixed strange offside shadow of the Activity bar.

- Fixed problem of Stencil + Disabled "Show voxels in Paint room".

- Fixed unmovable Mapping settings dialog.

- Fixed Ghost & Autosave problem.

- Fixed Sphere tool "From start point" issue.

- Symmetry & Lasso drawing with symmetry working correctly.

- Cloth tool PAUSE problem fixed.

- Dependency parameters disappearing fixed.

- Anisotropic noise fixed (in Noise tool).


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