1.5 Camera Options

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You can switch between two custom navigations – 3D-Coat and Maya styles. By default 3D-Coat style is set. With 3D-Coat navigation style you can rotate your scene by moving your mouse with LMB pressed on the empty area. In the same way you can zoom your scene with RMB and pan with MMB. If you don’t want to move your cursor aside you can always use ALT+LMB, RMB, MMB to navigate the scene.

You can also customize navigation according to you own preferences. There is also a set of options to customize background. These options are mostly self explanatory. The ones that are not however, are detailed below:

Add camera shortcut. The information about camera position and current material placement will be stored. Can be used for frame sequence rendering.
Delete camera shortcut. Delete last used or added shortcut.
Switch to previous shortcut. Switch to previous camera and material shortcut.
Switch to next shortcut. Switch to next camera and material shortcut.
Pivot Points. There are a number of options to set a pivot point for scene rotation.

Choose what is most suitable for you.

Setting up Backgrounds. If you’d like to assign an image to the background of the interface, you can assign one from your hard drive. Open the top menu, open Edit->Preferences. Scroll down and locate the Background type option and click the drop-down arrow to select the Use Background image.

By default, you will see a backdrop that looks like a star field. You can of course choose your own file by clicking in the file requester field.