10.1 All Hot Keys

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LMB=”left mouse button”
RMB=”right mouse button”
MMB=”middle mouse button”
WHEEL=”mouse wheel scrolling”

Navigate camera

Rotate (ALT+LMB) or LMB on empty space
Zoom (ALT+RMB) or RMB on empty space
Pan (ALT+MMB) or MMB
You can use LMB+RMB instead of MMB.
Frame object (SHIFT+A)


Open file (CTRL+O)
Save file (CTRL+S)
Save file as (CTRL+ALT+S)
Save incrementally (CTRL+SHIFT+S)
Import model (CTRL+SHIFT+O)
Import image plane (CTRL+SHIFT+M)


Undo (CTRL+Z)
Redo (CTRL+Y)
Edit all layers in external editor (CTRL+P)
Edit projection in external editor (CTRL+ALT+P)
Offset tool (CTRL+SHIFT+F)


Ortho-projection (NUM5)
View relief only (1)
View unshaded model (2)
View only specular (3)
View wireframe (4)
View shaded model (5)
View low-poly model (6)
View low shaded model (7)
Show 2D grid (CTRL+’)


Color picker (B)
Pick pivot point (F)
Show layer list (L)
Show tools panel (SPACE)
Depth channel (D)
Color channel (C)
Specular channel (R)
List of pens (T)
List of materials (M)
Types of drawing (E)
Quick panel (~)
Symmetry (S)

Layers operations

Add new layer (CTRL+SHIFT+N)
Delete layer (CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE)
Erase unfrozen (DELETE)
Fill unfrozen (INS)
Fill by mask (CTRL+INS)
Duplicate layer (CTRL+SHIFT+D)
Merge visible layers (CTRL+SHIFT+E)
Merge down (CTRL+E)

Freeze operations

Toggle freeze view (ALT+F)
Unfreeze all (CTRL+D)
Invert freeze/selection (CTRL+SHIFT+I)
Show/hide freeze (CTRL+F)
Smooth freezing (CTRL+NUM*)
Expand frozen area (CTRL+NUM+)
Contract frozen area (CTRL+NUM–)
Freeze border (CTRL+NUM/)

Hide operations

Unhide all (CTRL+X)
Expand hidden area (NUM+)
Contract hidden area (NUM–)


Increase level of smoothing (SHIFT+”+”) or SHIFT+WHEEL UP
Decrease level of smoothing (SHIFT+”-”) or SHIFT+WHEEL DOWN


Increase opacity of specularity (/)
Decrease opacity of specularity (;)


Increase transparency of texture (P”)
Decrease transparency of texture (O)


Add point to a spline (LMB)
Draw extruded curve (ENTER)
Pressed in one (CTRL+ENTER)
Delete all points (ESC)
Delete the last point (BKSP )
Change the position symmetry plane (TAB+drag LMB)

Copy/Paste & Pick

Paste (CTRL+V)
Copy (CTRL+C)
Creation of a new pen from a site (CTRL+SHIFT+C)
Pick color (V)
Pick layer (H)