2.8 Layers tab

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Here we see the list of layers (Layer 0, Layer 1, etc.), effects with layers and modes of operations with a layer. By painting on multiple layers and stacking them together, you can achieve some very complex looking texture work. Here you can drag and drop layers to do a number of things, such as to trash can to delete and reordering. You can also rename a layer by double click it. Let’s take a look at some of the parameters in the layers tab:

Blending dropdown list. This offers a variety of blending modes.

Depth dropdown list. This allows for a number of blending options between layers, for the depth channel. They are: Add, Subtract, Choose Maximum, Magnify and Supress. You are strongly encouraged to try each one out.

Visibility. By clicking on the “eyeball” you can toggle the visibility of a layer to be on or off.

At the bottom of the Layers tab window we see six icons:

Add new layer. Add a new layer. It is automatically made the current one.

Delete this layer.

Merge the current layer with the lower one. This operation cannot be undone.

Duplicate layer.

Shift the layer upward. Lifts the chosen layer up.

Shift the layer downward. Lowers the chosen layer down.

Further more, if you click the RMB on a layer, there will be more options available:

Layer Blending. Go to Blending tab.

Duplicate. Duplicate selected layer.

Flip Layer and Duplicate and flip. Duplicate the layer and flip using topological symmetry.

Flip layer. Flip the layer using topological symmetry.

Copy Blue to Red. Copy blue part of mesh to red part. You can define blue and red parts in the topological symmetry tool.

Copy Red to Blue. Copy red part of mesh to the blue one. You can define blue and red parts in the topological symmetry tool.

Merge Visible. Merges all visible layers. “Undo” is unavailable.

Merge Up. Merge this layer and the upper layer. “Undo” is unavailable.

Freeze painted pixels. The freeze value will be set equal to layer’s transparency.

Freeze Transparent Pixels. Freeze transparent part of layer. It is important if you want use mask of transparency of current layer on another layer. Use CTRL+LMB on layer to do the same action.

Apply Layer Mask. Apply layer mask to layer. Layer mask is a reference to another layer that masks this layer.

Apply Blending.

Color to Specular. Transforms color brightness to the specular channel.

Invert Color. Inverts color of this layer.

Invert Specularity. Inverts specular of this layer.

Fill Unfrozen. Fills unfrozen parts of layer with current color and specular.

Fill by Mask. Fills layer with current color and specular using its current transparency mask.

Set Height to Zero. Sets height to Zero in all the layers.

Make Transparent. The layer will become fully transparent.

Remove Specularity. Specular channel will be set to Zero.