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Now we need to learn how to use the color correctly. For this,

point the cursor on the “Color” icon on the left tools panel and click on a square under the “Color” inscription. By doing so, you will see a panel which allows you to pick a color. Within this panel are further options for other color pickers. You have five different color pickers, the last one allows you to pick a color from any image you load.</p>

This color will paint the square you pointed at. It shows the current color. You can choose the second color too: click on an icon right next to the first color icon in “The color” box (on this picture the first color is green, the second is black). The second color is used in the diffuse channel while you work with the drop-list. Apart from standard set of color options, the “Pick color” window contains various color selection modes: HSL and IMG (selection from image). For the latter one, there are additional buttons available.

There are further options for the image color picker panel:

Manipulator Icons. With the icons left top of the image color picker, you can pan/zoom/reset the position of the image.

Select. Select an image from file.

Paste. Paste image from clipboard and use like custom picker.

Image Drop down list. If you have more the one image, you can select from each of these by clicking here in the list.

In addition, for a fast choice of color you press and hold “B” key (when calling it this way, you open the downsize “Pick color” window, same as when calling from the Windows->Popups- >Color picker. RMB' to disable/enable use of color. It is equivalent to choosing white color. You can take color directly from a surface, point the cursor on a corresponding place and press “V”. You can also pick a color from a color Palette window, there are three preset palettes:


Click on the drop-list:


There are 3 preset palettes:


You can both load and save an .ACO color palette file. You can also right click on a color to change the color’s properties: