4.1 The tools

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Sculpting mode has quite a number of tools to move your mesh around with some basic deformers. This allows you to reshape your mesh.

Move. Drag the surface piece. Use ctrl to drag along average normal.
Select/Move. Use this mode to select surface parts and modify them (move, rotate or scale). The available parameters for this tool are as follows:

Select with pen or rectangle. Select with pen, rectangle or curve. Use CTRL to subtract selection, SHIFT - to add selection.
Select with gradient. Selection is done with gradient. Click to determine the start position o gradient and then click again to determine the end point.
Select objects. Select the whole object with LMB.
Move. Moves the selected area.
Rotate. Rotates the selected area.
Scale. Used for scaling of the selected area.
Smooth. Smooth selection.
Expand. Expand the selection.
Clear. Clear all selection.
Wide. Make the intermediate area of selection wider.
Contract. Contract the selection.
Increase. Grow the selection value on 10%.
Save. Save selection to file.
Load. Load selection from file.
Drag points. In this mode you can add control points and drag them (rotation and scaling can be done too). Each point limits the surface modification. Use the DELETE key to delete a selected point. Select several points simultaneously using SHIFT button. The available parameters for this tool are as follows:
Move. (Hotkey SHIFT+W) Move the selected area.
Rotate. (Hotkey SHIFT+E). Rotate the selected area.
Scale. (Hotkey SHIFT+R). Scale selected area.
Delete all handlers.
Edge hardness. Increase this value if you want to transform more rigid pieces.
Show selection. Show selection that corresponds to the selected point.
Save. Save handlers positions to file.
Load. Load handlers position from file. This operation will add handlers from the file to existing handlers.

Draw. Draw with pen. Use CTRL to press in and SHIFT to smooth the surface.
Collapse. Collapse a part of surface. Use ctrl to expand surface.
Expand. Expand surface part. Use CTRL to collapse surface.
Shift. Shift surface along pen motion in screen space.

Tangent Shift. Shift surface along pen motion in normal plane.

Smudge. Smudges along the surface under the pen.
Flatten. Flatten the surface under the pen.
Smooth. Smooth surface with the pen.