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Generate the voxel figure that consists of random spheres

// Generate the voxel figure that consists of random spheres
#include <CoreAPI.h>
//@config: Debug
class SpheresGenerator:public BaseClass {
SpheresGenerator() {
numSpheres = 200;
FigureRadius = 30;
FigureRadiusVariation = 0.1;
SpheresRadius = 10;
SpheresRadiusVariation = 0.5;
int numSpheres;
float FigureRadius;
float FigureRadiusVariation;
float SpheresRadius;
float SpheresRadiusVariation;
// this is class registration, look dialogs example
SLIDER(numSpheres, "numSpheres", 1, 1000);
FSLIDER(FigureRadius, "FigureRadius", 1, 100, 1, false);
FSLIDER(FigureRadiusVariation, "FigureRadiusVariation", 0, 1, 100, false);
FSLIDER(SpheresRadius, "SpheresRadius", 1, 100, 1, false);
FSLIDER(SpheresRadiusVariation, "SpheresRadiusVariation", 0, 1, 100, false);
// generate random value with variation
float random(float value, float variation) {
return value * (1.0f + variation * rand() / 32768.0f);
// generate the random spheres
void generate() {
// load the sphere mesh
// add new volume
auto current = coat::Scene::sculptRoot().addChild("Random spheres:" + coat::str::ToString(numSpheres));
auto volume = current.Volume();
// turn to voxels
for (int i = 0; i < numSpheres; i++) {
// create transformation matrix.
// scaling to the sphere radius
coat::mat4 transform = coat::mat4::Scaling(random(SpheresRadius, SpheresRadiusVariation));
// translate using the random vector
transform *= coat::mat4::Translation(coat::vec3::RandNormal() * random(FigureRadius, FigureRadiusVariation));
// merge into scene
volume.mergeMesh(m, transform, coat::BOOL_ADD);
// show progress bar
coat::io::progressBarInWindowHeader(i, numSpheres - 1, "Merging spheres...");
int main() {
// get to sculpt room
// create the generator object
SpheresGenerator sg;
// load generator settings if exist
if(dlg.ok().cancel().params(&sg).show() == 1) {// ok pressed, buttons start from 1
// save settings
// generate the figure
return 0;
Use this class for build a class for UI or serialization. see class_reg.h for details about the class...
Definition BaseClass.h:91
The mesh reference.
Definition CoreAPI.h:401
bool Read(const char *name)
Load the mesh from the file.
SceneElement addChild(const char *name) const
add the child element of the same nature
static SceneElement sculptRoot()
get the root of all sculpt objects
the rich dialog. You may customize it, show your custom parameters and custom buttons.
Definition CoreAPI.h:3609
dialog & params(BaseClass *params)
The important core feature. BaseClass allows to create the custom controls in the dialog....
dialog & ok()
add Ok button
dialog & cancel()
add Cancel button
int show()
pass the function/lambda that will be called when the button will be pressed. The button index (start...
static void step(int count=1)
perform rendering cycles
static void progressBarInWindowHeader(float stage, float max_stage, const char *message)
Show the progress bar only in the 3DCoat's window header.
static void toRoom(const char *name)
switch to the room
boolean add
Definition CoreAPI.h:91
comms::cMat4 mat4
4x4 float matrix, see the cMat4
Definition CoreAPI.h:59