3DCoatScripting  4.8.31ฮฒ
You can manage 3Dะกoat features with help of scripting
๐ŸŒ€ Creating custom dialog windows

3Dcoat allows you to make your own dialog windows in your scripts. You may put your own text and request some parameters thus making your script more flexible.

Lets make a horn, for example, by requesting parameters from user in a dialog window.

void main() {
// prepare scene
SculptRoom room;
// default settings
float angle = 10.0;
int numberOfChunks = 20;
// settings window
AddTranslation( "numberOfChunks", "Number of chunks in horn" );
AddIntInput( "numberOfChunks", true );
AddTranslation( "angle", "Angle" );
AddFloatInput( "angle", true );
bool ok = ModalDialogOkCancel( "Enter the horn parameters", "Create horn" );
if ( !ok ) {
// end of script
// create a figure with set parameters
PrimDensity( 0.3 );
for ( int i = 0; i < numberOfChunks; i++ ) {
capsule( -15, 0, 0, 15, 0, 0, 20, 20, 0 );
PrimRotateY( 0, 0, 0, angle );
PrimRotateX( 0, 0, 0, angle );
PrimTranslate( 0, 15, 0 );
PrimScaleAt( 10, 20, 30, 0.9, 0.9, 0.9 );
ProgressBar( "Please wait", (i * 100) / numberOfChunks );

Here will be no image in order to make you want to launch the script yourself ;)

For even more details check this functions list:

// Returns whole command line.
string getCommandLine();
// Stores some string as global value that may be read later in
// the session. The value will be stored in 3B file and you will
// be able to read in further work with this scene.
DEPRECATED void SetGlobalVar(string& Name,string& Value)
// Returns value previously stored using SetGlobalVar.
DEPRECATED string GetGlobalVar (string& Name)
// Returns scene filename (last saved or opened as 3B file).
DEPRECATED string GetSceneFileName()
// Sets scene filename for further saving.
DEPRECATED void SetSceneFileName(string& Name)
// Highlight element with red rectangle.
// Pass the `time` in seconds.
void HighlightUIElement(string &ID, float time);
// Goes to one of previous dialogs in call stack.
DEPRECATED void back(int steps=1);
// Opens window described by xml-file pointed by Path.
// If Path contains .3b file will be opened as 3B file.
DEPRECATED void open(string &Path);
// Opens model for PPP, if path is empty, shows open dialog.
DEPRECATED void ppp(string &path);
// Opens model for MV painting, if path is empty, shows open dialog.
DEPRECATED void mv(string &path);
// Opens model for Ptex, if path is empty, shows open dialog.
DEPRECATED void ptex(string &path);
// Import image as mesh, dialog will be shown.
DEPRECATED void imagemesh();
// Import mesh as reference, if path is empty dialog will be shown.
DEPRECATED void refmesh(string &path);
// Import mesh for vertex painting, if path is empty dialog will be shown.
DEPRECATED void vertexpaint(string &path);
// Perform autopo over the mesh chosen in dialog.
DEPRECATED void autopo(string &path);
// Opens mesh for repairing. If id contains "vox" then model will be
// voxelized, if there is substring "shell" then mesh will be imported
// as thin shell. Mesh Opening dialog will be shown.
DEPRECATED void repair(string &id);
// Activate bas-relief tool.
DEPRECATED void bass();
// Activale remove undercuts mode.
DEPRECATED void undercut();
// Activate special voxel tool. id may be found in English.xml between
// <ID>...</ID> if you will find name of tool between
// <Text>...</Text> tags.
DEPRECATED void activate(string &id);
// Activate retopo tool.
DEPRECATED void retopo();
// Open mesh using dialog and merge as retopo mesh.
DEPRECATED void retopopen();
// Activate any room - name is one of "Paint", "Tweak", "UV",
// "Voxels", "Retopo", "Render".
DEPRECATED void ToRoom(string &name);
// Check if you are in specified room - name is one of "Paint",
// "Tweak", "UV", "Voxels", "Retopo", "Render".
DEPRECATED bool IsInRoom(string &name);
// Add new volume in voxel room. If name is empty name will be
// assigned automatically.
DEPRECATED void AddNewVolume(string &name);
// Activate UV room.
DEPRECATED void uv();
// Activate voxel room and add new volume.
DEPRECATED void vox();
// Create sphere of radius R in voxel room in current object.
// \param mode 0 - add, 1 - subtract, 2 - intersect with scene.
DEPRECATED void sphere(float x,float y,float z,float r,int mode);
// Create cube in voxel room in current object.
// \param mode 0 - add, 1 - subtract, 2 - intersect with scene.
// \param sizex Size by X-axis.
// \param sizey Size by Y-axis.
// \param sizez Size by Z-axis.
DEPRECATED void cube(float x,float y,float z,float sizex,float sizey,float sizez,int mode);
// Turn all volumes to surface mode.
DEPRECATED void surf();
// Turn current volume to the surface mode.
DEPRECATED void cursurf();
// Turn current volume to voxel mode, voxelize if need.
DEPRECATED void voxelize();
// Sets merging options in voxel room. opt is just set of substrings
// with different options. Possible values are:
// [voxelize=true]
// [voxelize=false]
// [separate=true]
// [separate=false]
// [respectneg=true]
// [respectneg=false]
// [as_skin=true]
// [as_skin=false]
// [skin=....] - to set skin thickness.
DEPRECATED void mergeopt(string &opt);
// Example:
mergeopt( "[voxelize=true][as_skin=true][skin=4.5]" );
// Merge model in voxel room. Empty string means that dialog will be shown.
DEPRECATED void merge(string &model);
// Activate voxel primitives tool. Possible primitives:
// cube, cylinder, sphere, tube, cone, ellipse, n-gon, gear.
DEPRECATED void prim(string &id);
// Apply in current tool (same as press enter).
DEPRECATED void apply();
// Apply in Merge tool without asking "Keep scale?".
// Scale will not be kept and scene scale will not be changed.
DEPRECATED void ApplyAndKeepScale();
// Apply in current tool (same as press enter) wint one difference -
// in Merge tool scale of merged object sill be automatically kept and
// scene scale changed if this merge is first.
DEPRECATED void mapply();
// Open recent 3B-file.
DEPRECATED void recent3b();
// Print text to MyDocuments/3D-CoatV4/log.txt.
DEPRECATED void Log(string &line);
// Generate integer random number min..max.
int rand(int min,int max);
// Generate floating random number min..max.
float randF(float min,float max);
// Set random generator seed.
void seed(int val);
// Show progress bar pos = 0..100.
DEPRECATED void ProgressBar(const string& message,int pos);
// Set orthogonal (true) or perspective (false) view mode.
DEPRECATED void SetOrthoMode(bool value);
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