Voxel Tools

Carve: Carve with brush alpha. This tool uses a brush alpha to expand an area. Use the Depth slider to adjust the strength of the carve. Use CTRL to scoop into the surface, and SHIFT to smooth it.
Sphere: Draw spheres. Single LMB clicks to place a sphere in 3D space. Drawing with LMB produces cylindrical volumes across the screen plane.
2D-Paint: Paint in the plane. This option provides a 2D plane as a reference for sculpting new volumes. LMB draws with the current brush, and the depth slider adjusts the thickness. Use RMB to define the plane location. (Orientation will always be parallel to the screen view.) Use SHIFT to smooth the surface independent of the plane.


Flatten: This mode flattens the surface beneath the cursor by raising or lowering points to a common plane. Height and angle are averaged from the point directly beneath the center of the cursor, and the effect is expanded to fill the entire cursor area.
Roof Pinch: The “Roof pinch” tries to pinch the surface toward to line picked smartly. The diffetence with Smart pinch is that this tool keeps the surface noise instead of flattening. The tool picks two points - one on the left and one on the right side of the brush. Then it builds 2 planes from that points and pinches the surface to the planes intersection.
Shift: This mode slides geometric points along the stroking motion relative to screen space.
Snake Clay: .


Cut Off: Cut Off.
Measure: Click to add points. Use SHIFT to align lines horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Press ESC to stop measure guide creation. New click will start new guide. Click on lines and points to split lines or drag points. Measure guides may be used in other tools as visual markers or snapping guides.

Doubleclick to erase point. Move nearby points together to erase captured point. Use CTRL to avoid snapping to existing points or lines, for example when you need to start new line from existing point or line.

Quick Pick: Pick current Sculpt Object. Click on the object to choose current object. Other way - use 'H' hotkey in any other tool to pick current object.
Pose: Pose object using partial object selection.
Move: Move a surface area. Press and drag LMB to move the surface within the cursor, relative to the screen view. Use CTRL to move surface along the normal. Different Alphas give different results.
Transform: Transform object as a entire. Click on object to transform.
Instancer: This tool will help to make instances. Instances are references to existing objects, so they take almost zero memory. If you have some element that may be used multiple time a separate volume you may use it as instance.

For example it may be brick or some mechanical detail. You may create mirrored instances, for example left and right arms. Axial: Create a Radial Array. Any Voxel Layer can be duplicated and rotated in number and angle from a central axis.


Primitives: Add simple primitives to scene. Model library of meshs, splines and latheable objects.
Import: Import an object into the scene. Press ENTER to apply the selected object. The object should be closed without self-intersections. Use the brush/move/rotate/scale modes to place the object.
Logo: Use this tool to convert any anti-aliased black and white picture to 3D object.
Constructor: Simplifies the 3D modeling process for PixelArt using basic geometric shapes as bricks.
Sketch: Create volumetric object from its 2 or 3 projections.
Split: Split (break) volume(s) on pieces using E-mode selections. You may split multiple volumes and instances simultaneously. This is especially useful to create broken state of some object.
Clone: Clone the selected piece.
Cut & Clone: Cut part of current layer and import it as a separate object.
Snake: Draw a 'snake'. Use LMB to draw with this tool. The snake will tend to connect with adjacent surfaces if possible.

Holding LMB down at the end of the stroke smooths the spline until released. Adjust smoothing speed with the slider. Choose the shape of the snake from the available tube profiles.

Cloth: Realtime cloth simulator. Don't forget to press ENTER to bake cloth to current volume object. It is better to subdivide cloth several times before applying the object.


Curves: Draw with curves (splines). Add points with LMB, resize with RMB, and delete the last point with BKSP. Press ENTER to draw the curve, then ESC to delete the curve. CTRL+LMB on a ball will join points.
Text: Draw text in volume.

Poly Supports

Point to Polygons: Add points with LMB. Tweak points and add faces with RMB. (look at preview) Force triangles with SHIFT. Hold cursor close to the center of potential quad for more precise placing of the quad.
Select: In this mode you can select individual vertices, edges and faces. Use CTRL to remove elements from selection. Select an element with LMB, then move (slide) them with RMB.

In 'Face' mode use INSERT to subdivide faces and DEL to delete. In 'Edge' mode use INSERT to split edges, BKSP to collapse, DEL to remove edges, L to select edge loops, and R to select edge rings, SHIFT to select/highlight edge rings.

3D Primitives: .
Delete Polygons: Click (individually) or drag cursor along polygons to delete them. Hold the CTRL key to delete connected sets of polygons.
Clear Poins: Clear Points.
Transform: Transform selected faces/vertices. If nothing is selected entire mesh will be transformed.

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