Freeze Tool how to Use

Activate Freeze Tool: Activates the Paint Room’s Freeze tool.
Toggle Freeze View: Changes the way that Frozen areas are displayed. Choose between various patterns, black or white.
Show/Hide Freeze: Turns the Freeze pattern on/off.
Freeze Painted Pixels: Freeze only pixels that have paint on them.
Freeze Transparent Pixels: Freeze only pixels that do not have paint on them.
Freeze Surface: Freezes the entire surface of the selected layer.
Freeze Border: Freezes only the border of the current Frozen area. Great for painting a selection, with the intent of painting only the bordering area.
Freeze Paint Object: Freeze an entire Paint Object.
Freeze Surface Material: Freeze an entire Surface Material.
Unfreeze Paint Object: Unfreeze an entire Paint Object.
Unfreeze Surface Material: Unfreeze an entire Surface Material.
Unfreeze All: Unfreeze everything.
Invert Freeze/Selection: Inverts the Frozen area to be Unfrozen, and the Unfrozen area to be Frozen.
Smooth Freezing: Smooths the Frozen area by feathering the pixels on the border.
Sharpen Freezing: Sharpens, or increases the opacity of the Frozen pixels.
Fill Unfrozen: Fill an Unfrozen area with with the current color and Glossiness amount.
Erase Unfrozen: Erase the Unfrozen areas.
Hide Frozen Area: Hide only the Frozen areas.
Expand Frozen Area: Expands the Frozen area, by 1 pixel.
Contract Frozen Area: Contracts the Frozen area, by 1 pixel.
Store Freezing State:
Stores the Frozen state to disk: Can be loaded with the Freeze tool, under the Tool Options panel.

Fill Unfrozen: Fills the Unfrozen areas.
Fill by Transparency: Fills only the transparent pixels with the current color.

Alt+F Switch freeze view
Ctrl+F Show/hide freeze
Ctrl+NumPad / Freeze border
Ctrl+NumPad + Expand frozen area
Ctrl+NumPad - Contract frozen area
Ctrl+D Unfreeze all
Ctrl+Shift+I Invert freeze/solution
Ctrl+NumPad * Smooth freezing

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