Layers: open Layers Panel.
Layer Blending: Invokes the Layer Blending panel.

New: Add a new layer. It is automatically made current.
Add Layer w/ Normal Map: Adds a new Paint Layer with the blend mode automatically set to NormalMap. This is for use with normal maps generated outside 3DCoat.
Duplicate: Duplicates the selected layer.
Delete: Delete current Layer.

Merge Visible: Merges all of the visible Paint Layers to one layer.
Merge Down/Up: Merges the selected Layer up/down.

Copy Channels:

Allows you to copy specific channels from one layer, to another. You can copy Red, Green, Blue, Luminosity, Alpha, Glossiness & Depth, to the same or any other channel on the target layer. You can also set the copying done to Replace, Move, Blend, Add & Subtract, for more advanced functionality.
Apply Layer Blending: Applies the current layer blending as the default, and resets the blend mode to Standard Blend.
Discard Clip Masked Pixels: Discards areas that are being clipped by another layer, in the current layer. Making the masked areas transparent.
Erase Unfrozen: Delete unfrozen parts of the current layer. Enable or disable the depth, color, and Glossiness channels to restrict this action to a specific channel.
Fill Entire Layer: Fill entire layer using current material and color.
Refill Material: Re-fill non-transparent areas of this layer with current material. It is convenient to change material used to fill the layer.
Clamp Min. Depth: Clamps the depth of a layer by performing a minimum depth scan based off the parameter you specify. Good for removing “spikes” created while texture painting a depth map.
Clamp Layer Depth: Clamp/Plateau depth of the layer with a minimum and maximum value.

If you don’t have Topological Symmetry active, These functions below activate the Topological Symmetry tool. Read more about it by clicking the link.

  • Flip Layers and Duplicate: Duplicate the layer, then flip it using topological symmetry.
  • Flip Layer: Flip the layer using topological symmetry.
  • Copy blue to Red: This option copies the blue parts of the mesh to the red areas. Define the blue and red areas with the 'Topological symmetry' tool first.
  • Copy Red to Blue: This option copies the red parts of the mesh to the blue areas. Define the red and blue areas with the 'Topological symmetry' tool first.
  • Layers Color: Import the color channels from a PSD file to all layers.
  • Roughness: Import an image to be used as Roughness monochrome channel.
  • Metalness: Import a Metalness map file into the current layer.
  • Depth: Import a depth image map into the current layer.
  • Color: Export color information in the current layer to a file.
  • All Layers Color: Export the color channel from all layers to a PSD file.
  • Roughness: Save only the Glossiness channel as a greyscale image.
  • Metalness: Export a Metalness map file as a greyscale image.
  • Depth: Export a depth image map file.
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