Intro to 3DCoat 011 - Sculpt Room - Adjust Tools by Anton Tenitsky

Cut Off: Cuts polygonal or spline-shaped section away from a sculpture all the way through the volume.
Measure: By clicking and dragging with the “LMB” you can measure from the beginning to the end of your stroke allowing you to more accurately sculpt to scale.
Measure Tool: This video covers the completely rebuilt/redesigned Measurement tool in version 4.5.
Supports: 3D printing support structures are not part of the model. They are used to support parts of the model during printing. This means that once printing is over, you now have the additional task of removing the structures before the model is ready-to-go.
Vox Slice: Gives you a slice through the geometry. It is a way to inspect MRI and other scan data. It's an interesting way to make sure you have no holes in your scan data or other imported meshes, and allows for a quick way to make sure you have a good import.
Quick Pick: Sometimes when you have more then one object in the VoxTree, it can become a tad cumbersome to know which layer has what object. With the Pick tool you can visually select the object (and therefore the VoxTree layer) simply by clicking on the one you wish to work on.
Fit: Fit one object to other one. You may mark corresponding features and place objects together. After approximate placing you may do placing precisely, corresponding features will stitch to each other.
Reproject: Allows the user to reproject the details and vertex paint from one or more meshes in the scene, to another mesh. Either to the entire mesh or locally using a brush.
Voxels and Vox Hide by Anton Tenitsky. Use LMB to hide volume as you stroke. Use CTRL+LMB to unhide them.
Cell Hide: Hide 8x8x8 grid of voxel cells. It works very fast, much faster then Vox Hide, almost instantly.
This hides “cells” of voxels based on your brush size. Unlike the other Hide tool, it does not allow sculpting or separating hidden parts to create seams and other objects.
Copy: Copy merged sum of all layers to current layer using spherical brush.
Copy example: To use this you must have two Layers in the Vox Tree It is preferable if one of the Layers is empty, but it doesn’t need to be. In your other Layer there must be a portion of a volume object you wish to copy: with this Layer visible and your empty Layer active, you can brush along the surface of the background object. This will copy the brushed areas to the previously empty Layer. It is a really quick way to create objects based on a character’s surface topology, like body armor, clothing, etc.
Bas-relief: This looks at the existing volume of an object, and extrudes to create new volume based on the position of the gizmo. The area at the base (sphere) of the gizmo from the tip is the area that will be affected. It is great for creating coins and jewelry. This tool makes “half height” details on one side of the plane and then extrudes those details in a particular direction. Directional taper or squash at arrow end of tool when coefficient is set higher or lower than 1. Ball end of tool always extrudes profile high points of form to ball position and direction

Undercuts: Use this tool to prepare a voxel object for moulding purposes (where undercuts are undesirable) and remove undercuts for moulding. This tool removes areas that are invisible if you are looking at the object from some direction and it's opposite. If you removed undercuts the model may be cut with CNC machine or molded. Press Apply or ENTER after choosing direction.

Much better Undercuts and Moulding Tools (in special Extra Module)

Quick Tip: Using VoxHide as a Masking Tool: This video demonstrates how the VoxHide tool can be used as a Masking tool in place of a Freeze Brush, which only works in Surface mode.

Inverting Voxel Selections with Cutoff & Hide Tool: This video is a quick demonstration using the Cutoff and Hide Tool. Primarily showing how to Invert a selection using the associated but little known hotkeys.

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