Add clusters: Click the LMB to add a cluster (UV Islands) center directly on a polygon face. Clicking again on the same face will remove it. This tool lets you “mark” a seam without actually marking it as one, allowing for a whole UV island to be split into parts without actually splitting them.
Mark Seams: When you are ready to unwrap your mesh to create a UV map, you must first of course select your seams. That is where this tool comes in. You can select edges with the LMB, edge loops with SHIFT+LMB and deselect with CTRL+LMB.
Edge loops: This tool is no different then holding down SHIFT+LMB with the “Mark seams” tool. The difference here is that you are not required to hold down the SHIFT key to select your desired edge loops. Use LMB to mark edge loops such as texture seams, or un-mark them using CTRL+LMB.
UV Path: Allows the selection of vertices which are interpreted by 3DCoat to provide the path for a connected series of edges, which are marked as unwrapping seams. Put path along shortest path (under certain criterion) between several points. Click to add points or split line, use RMB or double-click to remove points. Press ENTER to mark seams, CTRL ENTER to delete seams. Use different criterion to adjust path flow.

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