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-====UV Transform Gizmo==== 
-Further advanced tools for editing your UV maps directly reside in the “Selected” portion of the of the retopology tools. These tools all require a selection in the UV Preview window. To select a cluster (or island) simply click on one with the LMB.\\ ​ 
-Found in the UV Preview window, this 2D Transform gizmo lets you scale, stretch, rotate and translate whichever island you currently have selected.\\ ​ 
-You can manually place your islands as you see fit before packing them into a UV Map. You must have the Manipulate function turned on to use this, it is located on the Top Bar. Use this gizmo to transform vertices, edges, faces, islands and any selection thereof (multiple islands, etc.) inside the UV Preview window.\\ ​ 
-**Rotate CW:** This will rotate the selected island clock-wise.\\ ​ 
-**Rotate CCW:** This will rotate the selected island counter clockwise.\\ ​ 
-**Flip U:** This will flip the U of the UV map.\\ ​ 
-**Flip U:** This will flip the V of the UV map.\\ ​ 
-**Relax:** Applies a light smoothing across the selected cluster (or island) to relieve stretching or pinching.\\ ​ 
 ====UV Top Bar==== ====UV Top Bar====
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