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3DCoat is a commercial digital sculpting program from Pilgway designed to create free-form organic and hard surfaced 3D models from scratch, with tools which enable users to sculpt, add polygonal topology (automatically or manually), create UV maps (automatically or manually), texture the resulting models with natural painting tools, and render static images or animated “turntable” movies. 3DCoat是Pilgway的商业数字雕刻程序,旨在从头开始创建自由形式的有机和硬表面3D模型,使用工具,用户可以雕刻、添加多边形拓扑(自动或手动)、创建UV贴图(自动或手动)、使用自然绘画工具对生成的模型进行纹理处理,并渲染静态图像或动画“转盘”电影。

- Essential renderer update! Screen Space Reflections and Lights! The renderer provides much more realistic results now.
- Translation symmetry supported!
- 3D-Connexion support was completely rewritten from scratch. So it may differ in feeling, but FPS is bigger now.
- Cut&Clone supports symmetry and soft booleans.
- Important symmetry addition - “Translation symmetry”.
- Downgrading voxel mesh return to voxel mode if you edit the proxy.
-基本渲染器更新!屏幕空间反射和灯光!渲染器现在提供了更真实的结果。 -支持翻译对称! -3D连接支持从零开始被完全重写。所以感觉上可能有所不同,但FPS现在更大了。 -Cut&Clone支持对称和软布尔。 -重要的对称补充——“平移对称”。 -如果编辑代理,降级体素网格将返回到体素模式。

Smart Materials Store: This video is an overview of 3DCoat's PBR Scanned Materials Store, as well as the installation of the files downloaded, and usage of the materials in 3DCoat. Smart Materials Store:本视频概述了3DCoat的PBR扫描材料存储、下载文件的安装以及3DCoat中材料的使用。

- Now available in 300 Universities, colleges and schools worldwide.
- If you represent a School, College or University and are interested to integrate 3DCoat into your educational program, please review the various options we can provide under our Academic licensing program. -现已在全球300所大学、学院和学校提供。 -如果您代表一所学校、学院或大学,并且有兴趣将3DCoat纳入您的教育计划,请查看我们在学术许可计划下可以提供的各种选项。

Lead Programmer首席程序员

Andrew Shpagin:

Assistant Programmers助理程序员

Raul Fernandez Hernandez (LiveClay)
Sergii Kryzhanovskyi (Mac/Linux Ports, Graphics Engine)
Vitaliy Volokh (Collada, Open VDB)

Web-designer and Webmaster网页设计师和网站管理员

Volodymyr Popelnukh

Sales Manager销售经理

Stanislav Chernyshuk

Public Relations Manager公共关系经理

Denis Yanev

Wiki Editor and Workflow Support Manager维基编辑器和工作流支持管理器

Carlos Andreoni

Online Manual Editor version 4 联机手动编辑器版本4

Javis Jones.

Authors of the manual version 4手册版本的作者

Luo Chen, Marina Shpagina, Dwayne Ferguson, Daniel Yarmak, Klaus Nordby and, Javis Jones.

PDF Manual EditorsPDF手册编辑器

Greg Smith, Javis Jones, Christian Michelin, Don Nash, David Schoneveld, Luo Chen, Marina Shpagina, Dwayne Ferguson, Daniel Yarmak, Klaus Nordby, Sharon Helms and Gideon Klindt.

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