3DCoat WIKI is the official 3DCoat wiki site, with the purpose of providing learning, reference, and other basic resources to the 3DCoat user community.

In addition, authorized users can make their own contributions to the site by editing or creating pages. We hope this will become a valuable way in which 3DCoat users can make their insights and experience a permanent part of the 3DCoat community resource base.

3DCoat WIKI is not a replacement for 3DCoat Forum. In particular, you should continue posting your own artwork on 3DCoat Gallery, and questions should (for the most part) also still go on 3DCoat Forum.

You don't need to have a user account to read the pages in 3DCoat WIKI.

However, if you wish to contribute to or add pages on this site, you will need to create an authorized account. Creating accounts or logging is done just by asking at

To find things on 3DCoat WIKI, simply use the “search” text box on the left of the screen. Simply enter in your text of interest, and either press:

Go, to go to that page name, or search for similar page names, or
Search, to do a full text search of the site.
The site software has other search-type options available, and we'll be posting information about them as we get them into use.

Here you can find the link to the old information of the version 3.

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