3DCoatScripting  4.8.31β
You can manage 3DСoat features with help of scripting
🌀 Math for 3D graphics

Scripts in 3DCoat include classes for working with 3D graphics.

Please, check them out. Their names are pretty self-explanatory, if you're familiar with 3D modeling.

Examples of those classes are inside the classes - just click on the links!

  • AABB. Class for so called "Bounding Box".
  • Angles. Euler angles. Images with examples included in classes: click the link.
  • Mat3 and Mat4. Transform matrix.
  • Quat. Rotate d.
  • Vec2 and Vec3. Vectors, of course :)

You may play with math on a simple lines: look for classes Line3 and Lines3.