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coat::scripto::Lines3 Class Reference

Class for working with 3D-lines. More...

Public Types

typedef comms::cLineSetF3 Lines

Public Member Functions

Lines3operator+= (const Line3 &l)
Lines3add (const Line3 &l)
Lines3addNode (int i, const Vec3 &)
Lines3addNodeToStart (int i, const Vec3 &)
Line3 first () const
Line3 last () const
Line3 line (int i) const
Line3 operator() (int i) const
Vec3 firstNode (int i) const
Vec3 lastNode (int i) const
int countLines () const
int countNodes () const
int countSegments () const
int countLineNodes (int i) const
int countLineSegments (int i) const
float distanceMin (const Vec3 &) const
float distanceAvg (const Vec3 &) const
float distanceMax (const Vec3 &) const
Lines3transform (const Mat4 &m)
Lines3 transformCopy (const Mat4 &m) const
Lines3transformLine (int i, const Mat4 &m)
Lines3 transformLineCopy (int i, const Mat4 &m) const
Lines3transformLineNode (int li, int ni, const Mat4 &m)
Lines3 transformLineNodeCopy (int li, int ni, const Mat4 &m) const
Lines3subdivide (int quant)
Lines3 subdivideCopy (int quant) const
Lines3subdivideLine (int i, int quant)
Lines3 subdivideLineCopy (int i, int quant) const
Lines3clear ()

Detailed Description

Class for working with 3D-lines.