3DCoatScripting  4.8.31β
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coat::scripto::SculptRoom Class Reference

Class for work with sculpting room. More...

Inherits coat::scripto::Room< SculptRoom >.

Public Member Functions

virtual SculptRoomfocus () override
SculptRoomclear ()
SculptRoomtoSurface ()
SculptRoomtoVoxel ()
SculptRoomsurface (const bool &state)
bool surface () const
SculptRoomoperator+= (const Mesh &)
 With mesh: create a new v-layer (if don't exists) and add mesh.
SculptRoomoperator|= (const Mesh &)
 With mesh: add mesh to a current v-layer.

Static Public Member Functions

static SculptRoominstance ()

Detailed Description

Class for work with sculpting room.