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coat::scripto::ToolsMeshTransform Class Reference

Access to transformation of mesh. More...

Inherits coat::scripto::ToolsMeshX.

Public Member Functions

 ToolsMeshTransform ()
 Create a transformation tool.
 a ({{comms::cMat4::Identity}})
virtual void run () override
 Start a transformation!
const About & about () const
ToolsMeshTransformposition (const Vec3 &c)
 Setter for position.
Vec3 position () const
 Getter for position.
ToolsMeshTransformrotation (const Angles &r)
 Setter for rotation.
Angles rotation () const
 Getter for rotation.
ToolsMeshTransformscale (const Vec3 &s)
 Setter for scale.
Vec3 scale () const
 Getter for scale.
- Public Member Functions inherited from coat::scripto::ToolsMeshX
 ToolsMeshX (Mesh *mesh)
- Public Member Functions inherited from coat::scripto::ToolsX
void operator() ()

Protected Attributes

About a

Detailed Description

Access to transformation of mesh.

SculptRoom sculpt;
// grab from named layer
// if absent then take current
Mesh a( "Layer A" );
auto transform = a.tools().transform();
// get & set & add to scene
const int N = 4;
for ( int i = 0; i < N; ++i ) {
const Vec3 translation = transform.position() + Vec3::rand( -48, 48 );
const Angles angles = transform.rotation() + Angles::rand( -48, 48 );
.position( translation )
.rotation( angles )
sculpt += a;