3DCoatScripting  4.8.31β
You can manage 3DСoat features with help of scripting
coat::scripto::UI::Default Struct Reference

Default values for UI. More...

Public Attributes

Vec3 a
Vec3 b
std::string button
float capA
float capB
bool clickToPlace
int colorFileExtensionEnum
int glossFileExtensionEnum
int normalMapFileExtensionEnum
std::string file
float height
bool needAO
bool needBakeLocalOcclusion
bool needBump
bool needCoarseMesh
bool needColor
bool needCurvature
bool needGeometry
bool needMetallness
bool needNormalMap
bool needPadding
bool needPreserveInitialNodes
bool needRoughness
bool needScale
bool needScreenBased
bool needSpecular
bool needSpecularAsNormalMapAlpha
bool needTaperingAngle
bool needUVSetsAsTile
Vec3 position
float radius
float bottomRadius
float relativeHoleRadius
float topRadius
float rayCastingLength
float reductionPercent
int resolutionEnum
float scaleA
float scaleB
Vec3 size
int teeth
std::string tempFile
int textureSizeEnum
float thickness
bool useDiameter
bool useFillet
bool useSector
bool skipDialog

Detailed Description

Default values for UI.

Use when call menu items from script's UI.

The init's order must be accordanced by properties.

Use letter for suffixes instead of digits. For example: scaleA instead of scale1.