Blender Applink 2.8   Manual.pdf  Blender Applink comes inside of Blender 2.8. Please download the latest blender 2.8 from here: Enable Addon in blender: Open Blender. Go to Edit -> User Preferences.. Click addons tab.  Search '3D-Coat Applink' and press checkbox to activate it. Blender -> 3D-Coat -> Blender workflow Select objects you want to take into 3d-coat. On right side of 3D View there is '3D-Coat Applink' panel.  Press Transfer and go to 3D-Coat. (You can also find these options when you press 'SHIFT + Q' key in 3D view.) Turn on 'Treat material as separate textures'. After you are okey with other settings press 'Ok' button After you are done with painting go to File -> Open in Original App.  Select what texture you want to export. When you done your other settings press Ok. Go back to Blender and press 'Update' Button. 3D-Coat -> Blender workflow When you are paint your painting go File -> Export to -> Blender Name your file and select type to .FBX and press 'Save' button You might have to play with 'Apply scale' setting to find the right scale for you. I have used 0.03.  Select which textures you want to export. Applink automaticly updates your: color, roughness, metalness and normal maps. Press ok when ready and go to Blender and press update. (You can also find these options when you press 'SHIFT + Q' key in 3D view.) TUTORIAL VIDEO 1 (Blender -> 3D-Coat -> Blender workflow) TUTORIAL VIDEO 2 (3D-Coat -> Blender workflow)