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  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Very informative and I agree totally with you. Having rooms in 3d-coat might actually be a good thing for some users. For example if user wants to do only retopo in 3d-coat. He dosen't need to learn how all rooms work, he can stay in one room and use only specific tools in that to get job done. But I think that is the only user group that finds rooms to be a good thing. 3d-coat should be supporting those users who is using all rooms and support their workflow. I think that turning point for need for having "only one room" workflow was when we were able to take mesh from sculpt room into paint room and use paint tools into sculpt mesh. That changed the mindset for artists that object is not anymore linked into room rather is free to be used anywhere artists finds it beneficial.
  2. One thing why blender is doing so well keeping everthing in order is that it has very good outliner. It's gives a lot of information for the user without pushing it or looking messy. In 3D-Coat is missing this kind of "ROOT outliner" 3D-coat will have smaller windows that gives a data. And they are scattered into different rooms which dosen't help to give a clear picture about your project. For example we have separate window for vox layers, paint layers, retopo objects, Surface materials, Paint objects. I think that if we want to use one room then having effective and easy to read outliner is key for that goal.
  3. haikalle

    Swept Surface and probably Modeling Room

    Thanks for the new tools. I'm sure I will have a lot of fun with them when I have time to do some sculpting work again. For me: Low Poly + Voxel Sculpting = LiveClay Artists dosen't care tech part at all, but he want's a tool that combines best parts from those 4 methods. I have been playing with the idea that would it possible to change voxel sculpting from global resolution into local resolution. You could set resolution into you brush before you do you stroke. That could be something interesting..
  4. Merging all rooms is very interesting idea. Replacing rooms with layouts could work quite nicely. But I'm quite sure that this task is going to take a long time if Andrew is showing the green light for it. My suggest is that let's starting from merging two rooms into one and let's see what happens. Because even that is a big challenge for even Andrew I think.
  5. haikalle

    [Solved] Every undo action requires 2 keypresses

    Can you say if it's a specific tool in sculpt room would give more trouble than other. I did some tests and all seams fine.
  6. haikalle

    Let's discuss new surface modeling features here

    Maybe my suggestion for rooms would be this: PAINT ------- MODELLING(including retopo tools) ------ SCULPT ------ RENDER But AbnRanger summed it up very well. Before adding, we need to simplify.
  7. haikalle

    Let's discuss new surface modeling features here

    That's sounds great plan. Thumps up from here.
  8. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Thanks for reporting this. I have an idea how to make this to work. I need to access into fbx file and read objects name from there, before blender's fbx import will change/mix names all over
  9. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Yes. If your mesh has ".00x" applink will modify the name. How blender names object can be a nightmare. This little hack will helps to keep old and new files in right order. In the future I hope to remove this "name change thing" but most likely it happen after 2.8 release when I know that there is no big api changes coming anymore
  10. You can try MARK SEAMS tool with SHIFT and then try EDGE LOOPS tool. Are they the same tools ?
  11. haikalle

    Retopo - next big Step

    @Gorbatovsky I started to make a list improments what I would like to see in retopo room. There is no any new tool feature request in that list. Only how we should make the current workflow even better/faster.
  12. I deiced to start to make this list how retopo room could become better without adding any new tools into that room. I'm open with discussion about these points: 1 GOAL - Combine QUADS and POINTS/FACES tool. If you press mouse button on edge it would work like Quads tool and other situations it would be Points/Faces tool - When ( Quads or Points/Faces ) tools is activated and you press SHIFT, it would activate brush tool. - Combine ADD/SPLIT and SPLIT RINGS tools. Add/Split by default and CTRL would activate Split Rings. Final thing here is to rename this new tool CUT/SPLIT. - We can remove EDGE LOOPS tool. MARK SEAMS allready has edge loops feature (SHIFT). We could modify it that when pressing SHIFT it would select loop. IF user then presses again with SHIFT it will deselect the same loop. - Brush / Select / Move / Del Edges / Del polys tools could be combined into one. I think this could be possible , but needs feedback from all users to find the best way. 2 GOAL (after changes from 1goal are done) - Now let's combine new (QUADS POINTS/FACES) and CUT/SPLIT tools together. Default would be Quads/Points/Faces tool. CTRL would activate CUT tool and CTRL + SHIFT would activate SPLIT RINGS - Let's start to solve this select/move tool issue. My proposal would be this. Let's combine Brush/Select/Move tools into one. Brush tool as a default. SHIFT would be Select tool and RMB would be the move. I think this one is the hardest one to combine but we need to start from somewhere. Let's remove clear selection and code it into when users double click empty space in 3D View. RESULT Instead having 7 different tools, now we have only 2, and they are powerful
  13. haikalle

    [Bug] Incorrect brush behaviour

    Any help if you turn "Sharp Shape w/ All Alphas" On ?
  14. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Also it seams that you have mettalic object so I would use these export settings:
  15. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    As a default 3d-coat uses HDR environment and blender not so it makes material look different. Try to set up both apps using same HDR image and see if that helps. If there still is big diffrence please take a screenshot and I will take a look at.