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  1. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    @jene If you bake diffuse in blender not using my applink, is that much faster. If does then It's problem in my addon, but if they are same speed then it's just normal behavior.
  2. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    @jene @Grimmy Hi! When you take your mesh from blender into 3d-coat, you can bake some texture info and send them with your mesh into 3d-coat. Just check this option before pressing send button and it will create textures for you. Right now applink dosen't support back and forth texture updating between these two apps. Applink gives and oportunity to take textures from blender but when this is done first time. Then applink assumes that all future texture updates comes from 3d-coat.
  3. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    It's planned design. The purpose of this design is that if you want to resend your mesh it will automaticly remove your old applink nodes. When you bring mesh back to blender it will create new applink nodes for you. I'm open for discussion if this behavior should be changed.
  4. haikalle

    [Solved] Blender export to 3dCoat error

    It seams that you have two uv-set for this bigger object. If you delete the empty uv-set then all works ok in 3d-coat. I will take a look if there is something that could be improved in code to avoid this issue.
  5. haikalle

    [Solved] Blender export to 3dCoat error

    Are you able to share blender file for testing?
  6. haikalle

    Define Measurement Units and Edit Scene Scale ???

    Thanks digman. Your feedback is always very informative. I think you right. I have access to 3d-coat code and it seams that it's using the size of the mesh to calculate the SceneScale. I think haven't seen this kind of parameter in other 3d app so it really needs some thinking to understand it fully.
  7. haikalle

    Define Measurement Units and Edit Scene Scale ???

    I have been taking a look at this issue. I have found out that for example if you import mesh into ppp it will change SceneScale number. Is this wanted behaviour or not?
  8. It's next Blender 2.8 build but I put the zip file for applink here too if someone wants to try it. io_coat3D.zip
  9. I just committed couple fixes into applink. Now objects dimensions match better with blender in 3d-coat.
  10. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Hi! I just committed couple fixes into applink. Now objects dimensions match better with blender in 3d-coat. If there is some issues please report it here and I will try to solve it ASAP.
  11. If someone can figure it out. I'm all ears I tried to find a solution for this issue but it really a messy jungle when you start to play with this thing.
  12. haikalle

    Mix sculpt and paint maps...

    Hi Philippe! So you goal is to bring mesh and textures from blender into 3d-coat. One way is that you bake your textures into file and open them in 3d-coat. Applink has bake settings. You only need to select which textures you want to bake and applink will bake them when you hit the transfer button. Could this be helpful in your case. And sorry that I haven't replied ealier.
  13. haikalle

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    That's the exactly what I get too. If you have a mesh that crashes everytime when trying autopo, it would be good to sent that file to Andrew for testing. Maybe first what you can do is that if you delete your Documents files does this crash still exists.
  14. haikalle

    Brush Enguine problems getting too much

    @Werner_Z Hi! In the latest release. There is some improments to fix these issues.
  15. haikalle

    What would be your dream Applink

    Thanks for the feedback. I will continue with blender applink and try to make it step by step into livelink direction. Also I'm planning to see if I can improve a houdini applink a little bit. We already have a good houdini applinker, but it misses couple important features, like multiply object transfer and automatic node creator. Also I'm amazed how good renderman is in houdini so I think that first I try to add renderman support and after that mantra support. If you are interested to do some alpha testing please PM me.