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  1. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Thanks for reports guys. This coming weekend I will try to update applink to work again with the latest blender version.
  2. haikalle

    3DCoat 4.9 <Open BETA> testing thread

    Does others have same issue when sculpting in voxel mode. Holes everywhere.
  3. haikalle

    Artifact on object surface in voxel room

    Turn off cavity and see if that helps.
  4. haikalle

    Sketchbook Journey

    Amazing work.
  5. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    At the moment you can only export only one vertex color. This would be nice feature request.
  6. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Is it maybe possible to send blend file for me for further testing.
  7. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Could you tell what kind of mesh you are trying to transfer into 3d-coat. Maybe screenshot about the mesh. Is it mesh only?. Any bone structure?
  8. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Hi! When do you see this error message. Is it after pressing a button and if yes, what button? Greetings
  9. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    The addon updated again and it has big BETA label on it. Now multi RetopoGroups supported when using “Reference mesh” workflow. Also I improved a little bit voxel mesh workflow. That needs some more work still. Here is a quick video about using REFERENCE MESH mode: @tokikake I also changed the naming behaviour. Now it should not change your mesh/objects name anymore. Changes should be in the next blender daily release, but you can download it here now too. io_coat3D.zip
  10. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Small update for Reference mesh option. This is a good option if you just want to manually retopo your blender mesh in 3d-coat.When you want to bring mesh from 3d-coat, just use File -> BringRetopoMeshBackToApp. Also it should work that you can update the blender mesh anytime, just press that button and you should instant update in blender. This version has also other changes so it has big beta label on it. io_coat3D.zip
  11. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Hi! I got this message from Blender coders Now I need your feedback. What you think if Tap panel is removed and moved ether into Scene menu where is the rest 3d-coat settings or into menu - >Import/Export settings. My oppinion is that this change will make the workflow slower when using applink because "send" and "getback" buttons are behind more clicks than it's now. What do think. I want to hear you before answering back to blender folks.
  12. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Thanks yoohasz. I'm sure that 3d pays of in my studies. I'm interested about 3d scanning and bringging that closer to indie user. I did small update. Applink addon didn't work with 2.81 but now it does.
  13. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    Hi! Quick update about me. I went back to school. I started in University of applied sciences. So my time is limited because all the work I need to do for my school. I'm still interested to update applink addon but the update cycle is going to be slower in my part. There is some issues with the applink and the latest blender version and I have plans to address them but I can't give any date when that's going to happen. If there is someone who would like to continue to develop this addon, I more than happy to help him/her to get started with this addon.
  14. Still busy with moving into new flat. Couple days and I'm again able continue to working with the applink/support.
  15. haikalle

    Blender Applink

    There is some bugs in applink. Right now I middle of moving into my new flat. It takes my attention next two weeks. After that I can again focus more to coding stuff.