General Customization

3DCoat can be customized in a number of ways. Let’s look at those options.

Hiding UI Elements

General Customization - Customize UI

From the menu Edit>Customize UI, upon activation most menu items (of every category) and tools have a checkbox next to them, signifying that they can be made visible or invisible to the user. Allowing you to choose which tools you want available to you, and choosing your most frequently used tools.


General Customization - Popups

From the menu Windows>Popups you can invoke all available panels in 3DC. These Panels can float freely or be docked into any portion of the interface by dragging the title bar of the panel and dropping said panel after you see the highlighted preview of its new position. Your workspace can be saved or loaded, as well as your entire layout for 3DC.


General Customization - Hotkey

Nearly every tool and function in 3DC can be hotkeyed. By hovering your cursor over the tool you will see the following text, “(‘END’ – Define hotkey)”. By pressing the “End” key on your keyboard while hovering your cursor over the tool or function, you can then define which key you want it to be assigned to.

If a hotkey is already assigned you will be asked if you wish to:

  • Reassign the key with the new tool/function
  • Stack the tool/function with any previous tools/functions, allowing you to cycle between all of the tools with one hotkey
  • Remove any tools/functions assigned to that key


General Customization - Edit Preferences General Customization - Preferences Panel

From the menu Edit>Preferences opens up a very detailed dialog of settings which allow you to customize in many ways.

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