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Voxel Tools

When you’re in the Sculpt Room, and a Layer in the VoxTree is in Voxel mode,  the Voxel Tools are located on the left-side tool panel. You can also obtain access all of the...

What Are Voxels

Voxels are the 3D version of pixels, in a nutshell. A pixel is represented by a square, having the same height, width and a specific size. Given any two dimensional area, this area can...

LiveClay Tools

The LiveClay tools in 3D-Coat. Advanced dynamic tessellation sculpting tools.

Curves Tool

The “Curves” tool is easily one of the most powerful tools in the Sculpt Room, as it lets you place spline points directly into your scene with the LMB. To edit an existing point,...


Command functions in the Sculpt Room.

RMB Menu

The functions in the Sculpt Room’s RMB menu.


The Sculpt Room’s Shaders.

Primitives & Import Tools

As with all modeling and sculpting applications, the use of primitives form the basis for many and varied starting shapes. Almost any model can be composed, almost entirely, from a positive and negative combination...