Curves Tool

The “Curves” tool is easily one of the most powerful tools in the Sculpt Room, as it lets you place spline points directly into your scene with the LMB. To edit an existing point, click it with LMB. To stop editing a point, hit the ESC key. This tool also uses a gizmo for transformations either for a single point or for the whole curve by turning on Transform Curve. Lastly, you can use presets from the Splines panel to create much more complex shapes for your sculpture.

there are four modes for creating curves. Let’s look at those.

Edit Modes

  • Extrude: Extrudes new hierarchies from the selected point of a curve. This can be done by stroking in the direction you want to create the extrusion.
  • Holding SHIFT will default to the new Rotate mode. It can also be activated with the “Q” key.
  • Move: Lets you move points of a curve individually. Adding the SHIFT key will move its child or parent hierarchy, depending on the direction of the manipulator arrow. It can also be activated with the “W” key.
  • Rotate: Lets you rotate the child or parent hierarchy of a point with viewport based rotations. It can also be activated with the “R” key.
  • Scale: Lets you scale the child or parent hierarchy of a point. It can also be activated with the “E” key.

Additionally there are modifier keys for each mode that allow you to quickly use another mode by holding the key. When performing this, a green cone appears, the large end of the green cone is the area that is affected by whatever mode you happen to be toggling to. These keys and associated modes are:

  • In Extrude mode, hold SHIFT and stroking to rotate (similar to the Rotate mode).
  • In Move mode, hold SHIFT and stroking to move the points, the points toward the large end of the green cone are moved.
  • In Rotate mode, hold SHIFT and stroking to rotate along the curve, or on the “bank” axis. This cannot be performed on either end of a curve, if there are ends.
  • In Scale mode, hold SHIFT and stroking to scale the hierarchy toward the large end of the green cone in relation to the small end of the green cone as the center point for scaling.

Tool Options

Some of the other parameters for this tool are:

  • Fill Inside: Fills the entire space between all points to create a solid volume object throughout the entire space.
  • Brush Along Curve: Lets you perfectly indent or protrude areas along the spline.
  • Surface Snap: Forces the points of your curve to be constrained to the surface of a volume object you drag across.
  • Disconnected Line: By default the curves tool will create a smooth TCB-spline. But with this option you can create a linear spline, essentially creating “pointy” intersections
  • Symmetry Snap: Forces newly created points to be created on the symmetry plane when you click on or near the plane.
  • Invert SHIFT Action: This exclusively effects the four new curve modes. By default in any of these modes you must hold SHIFT to perform their alternate functions. This option will invert this setting, so that by default you use the alternate functions, and the normal default methods require you to hold the SHIFT key.
  • Extrude Same Radius: In the Extrude mode, this option creates a new point with the same size as the point that you extruded from. By default a newly created point is the size of your pen cursor.
  • New Curve: Adds another curve to your scene, in addition to your existing curve(s).
  • Tube: Resets the curve back to its default state. Reset scale/angles. These two tools will reset any scaling or rotations you have applied to the selected curve.
  • Hardness: To use this you must have a point on a curve selected, then, by pressing this button, the selected point will become sharp and pointed.
  • Closed: This is a toggle button that allows you to switch between an open and closed spline.
  • Clear All: Clears all curves from the scene.
  • Save/Load: You can save and load entire sets of curves for use at a later time, or for distribution to other users.
  • Profile: This drop-down list contains a number of profiles, each will change the overall shape of the spline curve.
  • Transform Curve: With this any rotations, scaling or translation will apply to the whole curve centered from your current selected point on the spline. This uses the standard Transform gizmo.

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